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2 Jan 2020
@sundancerpete:matrix.orgsundancerpeteah. ok thanks. I only joined because I want to ask about data deletion. I was told that when you delete your Matrix account you can't delete all your data and posts made under that account. That was a while ago though so i was wondering if that was changed now20:46:26
@sundancerpete:matrix.orgsundancerpetedont supose you would know but if yoiu do i would be plesed to hear your answer20:46:38
@hubert:uhoreg.cauhoregFiles are not deleted yet. Messages are deleted after a delay (they used to be not deleted at all, previously). The delay is so that admins can still look at the messages to investigate abuse (e.g. so that I can't call you a nasty name, and then delete my message and claim that nothing happened).20:49:17
@sundancerpete:matrix.orgsundancerpeteI see. makes sense 20:50:31
@sundancerpete:matrix.orgsundancerpetehow long is the delay out of interest?20:50:54
@sundancerpete:matrix.orgsundancerpetehmm, i cleared my cookies (by accident!) and it didn't log me out here. not sure if thats neat or worrying. haha20:52:39
@hubert:uhoreg.cauhoregI don't remember the exact number, but I think it's something like a week or so.20:53:38
@hubert:uhoreg.cauhoregRiot uses indexedDB and localstorage rather than cookies. So if you clear those, you'll log out.20:54:12
@sundancerpete:matrix.orgsundancerpeteam i still here?20:55:50
Download cookie.png
@sundancerpete:matrix.orgsundancerpeteif so. i cleared using this20:56:17
@sundancerpete:matrix.orgsundancerpetetop button. which says it clears those. in case thats useful. 20:56:43
@sundancerpete:matrix.orgsundancerpetejust reading your msg again. you said 'files are not deleted yet' - do you mean this is something being worked on and will be included in account deletion later? 20:57:18
@travis:t2l.ioTravisR it would be good to move this to #riot-web:matrix.org if you're talking about the web app or #matrix:matrix.org if it's about the protocol. 20:57:51
@sundancerpete:matrix.orgsundancerpetei am using web app yes. i can go there and mention it20:58:48
3 Jan 2020
@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa-matrix changed their display name from benpa to [benpa].14:23:00
@stoically:matrix.orgstoic joined the room.15:35:10
@stoically:matrix.orgstoic this is probably an odd question, but i was wondering, is there something lacking in terms of features or UX when working on the spec with the github issue tracker or is it just right? 15:42:10

GitHub is a reasonable approximation to "just right" but not really that.

@stoically:matrix.orgstoic almost just right, got it 15:53:06
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneThe whole dance with labels, e.g., is pretty flimsy.15:54:54
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneAlso, managing comments is only so much convenient (although proved to be better than comments in Google Docs).15:56:02
@stoically:matrix.orgstoicwhat exactly makes it flimsy? and is there an alternative you might have in mind?15:56:33
@stoically:matrix.orgstoicbecause i feel like tagging/labeling in itself is quite powerful15:57:00
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneAlso, good luck with adding any kind of diagrams to MSCs - basically, you have to do it manually, generate an image file and then refer to it from a Markdown document.15:57:24
In reply to@stoically:matrix.org
because i feel like tagging/labeling in itself is quite powerful
It certainly is but we effectively use it to drive a state machine and that's not what labels are for.
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneOn the other hand, having a rigid state machine would mean we'd have to migrate the legacy. Not too fancy either.15:59:00

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