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12 Nov 2019
21:03:41@gitter_microtherion:matrix.orgMatthias Neeracher (Gitter) I learned something intriguing about image_pull_secrets today, and given that there still is a lot of discussion on this on support forums, maybe others are suffering from it as well:
  • When storing plaintext passwords and the bits don't align, base64 will pad with =.
  • docker doesn't store those in their password files.
  • But drone will not decode correctly if they are missing.
  • Solution is to always encode the credentials manually instead of using the docker copy.
13 Nov 2019
03:17:40@gitter_t0masd:matrix.orgTomas DabaĊĦinskas (Gitter) @tboerger @HighwayofLife - ack I'll give new helm chart a go <3
06:48:37@gitter_newtonsu:matrix.orgnewtonsu (Gitter) joined the room.
06:48:40@gitter_newtonsu:matrix.orgnewtonsu (Gitter)Does anyone know that drone pushes images to nexus3? Thank you
06:50:02@gitter_tboerger:matrix.orgThomas Boerger (Gitter)Nexus should be a registry talking the standard protocol, so I think that should simply work with the docker plugin
07:01:20@gitter_newtonsu:matrix.orgnewtonsu (Gitter) set a profile picture.
07:01:27@gitter_newtonsu:matrix.orgnewtonsu (Gitter) @tboerger But I can't find any examples of drone pushing nexus3
07:44:17@gitter_t0masd:matrix.orgTomas DabaĊĦinskas (Gitter) @newtonsu http://plugins.drone.io/drone-plugins/drone-docker/
08:00:29@gitter_newtonsu:matrix.orgnewtonsu (Gitter) @T0MASD @tboerger Thanks
13:21:26@gitter_till:matrix.orgTill! (Gitter) joined the room.
13:21:38@gitter_till:matrix.orgTill! (Gitter) I am running a pipeline of steps which are using the docker:latest image (as I am building an image in the process which I am re-using in the next steps). long story short. I am trying to using DRONE_JOB_NUMBER at the inside. But it's not set. Do I need to inject it into each step so I can use it?
13:24:00@gitter_till:matrix.orgTill! (Gitter) set a profile picture.
13:24:07@gitter_till:matrix.orgTill! (Gitter)Maybe I looked at the 0.8 docs, but I am using 1.0.
13:25:07@gitter_till:matrix.orgTill! (Gitter)Is there a list of environment variables available somewhere?
13:30:58@gitter_till:matrix.orgTill! (Gitter) https://docker-runner.docs.drone.io/configuration/environment/variables/
13:31:17@gitter_till:matrix.orgTill! (Gitter)never sure where to search =)
15:44:17@gitter_jeeftor:matrix.orgJeef (Gitter) joined the room.
15:44:26@gitter_jeeftor:matrix.orgJeef (Gitter) I have a question about Private docker registries and the open source version. I see an example for enterprise (https://discourse.drone.io/t/how-to-pull-private-images-with-1-0/3155) how you can do this - but I'm unclear as to whether its actually possible in the OSS version. Can I use the DRONE_DOCKER_CONFIG var in the oSS version?
16:02:57@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) the recommended approach is to use secrets, see https://docker-runner.docs.drone.io/configuration/images/#pulling-private-images
16:14:57@gitter_yangmuye:matrix.orgYangMuye (Gitter) joined the room.
16:15:01@gitter_yangmuye:matrix.orgYangMuye (Gitter) Hi. I'm new to drone. I have just set up drone with gitea integration using the latest docker images. Everything works fine, except that the gitea source code link showed on the web UI for tag events are inaccessible. I read the source code. It seems that the url template for tags should be %s%s/src/tag/%s instead of %s%s/tag/%s ?
16:23:22@gitter_microtherion:matrix.orgMatthias Neeracher (Gitter) I can confirm that /tag does not work, while /src/tag does.
17:55:02@gitter_jeeftor:matrix.orgJeef (Gitter) Question about organization secrets - if my repo is: ABCD/ci-test does that mean my org is ABCD? I'm using a local bitbucket server
18:11:33@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)yep
18:36:42@gitter_jeeftor:matrix.orgJeef (Gitter)And I would access an org secret the same way as a normal secret?
18:38:13@gitter_tboerger:matrix.orgThomas Boerger (Gitter)Yes
18:42:20@gitter_jeeftor:matrix.orgJeef (Gitter)And does a repo secret override an org secret?
19:07:17@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) I can't remember off the top of my head
19:11:57@gitter_tboerger:matrix.orgThomas Boerger (Gitter)Yes it does
14 Nov 2019
01:20:46@gitter_padalan:matrix.orgNikhil Padala (Gitter) Hi, could you help me understand where the error could be?
drone-autoscaler_1  | {"level":"error","id":"d53d9dXViHyLkAzf","error":"client error 401: {\"message\":\"Unauthorized\"}\n","time":"2019-11-14T01:10:30Z","message":"cannot calculate unfinished jobs"}

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