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22 Jan 2020
14:13:06@gitter_ricardolpd:matrix.orgRicardo Duarte (Gitter) joined the room.
14:13:06@gitter_ricardolpd:matrix.orgRicardo Duarte (Gitter)hey everyone. is it possible to have environment variables that belong only to a single pipeline (in a multi pipeline file) without being inside of the steps?
14:57:10@karthanistyr:draak.frkarthanistyr joined the room.
15:07:01@gitter_nesimtunc:matrix.orgNesim (Gitter)how do you guys do the deploy step? what plug-in do you use?
16:02:50@gitter_tboerger:matrix.orgThomas Boerger (Gitter) @nesimtunc for a single project i'm using rsync:
        'name': 'deploy-staging',
        'image': 'drillster/drone-rsync:latest',
        'pull': 'always',
        'settings': {
            'delete': True,
            'hosts': 'pixie.owncloud.systems',
            'port': '22',
            'recursive': True,
            'script': [
                'sudo docker exec phoenix occ maintenance:mode --on',
                'sudo rsync -az --chown=www-data:www-data -r --del --exclude config.json /home/deploy/phoenix/ /var/lib/phoenix/apps/phoenix',
                'sudo docker exec phoenix occ maintenance:mode --off',
                'sudo docker exec phoenix owncloud migrate'
            'source': 'dist/',
            'target': '/home/deploy/phoenix',
            'user': 'deploy'
        'environment': {
            'RSYNC_KEY': {
                'from_secret': 'rsync_key'
        'when': {
            'branch': [
            'event': [
19:11:47@gitter_nicoulaj:matrix.orgnicoulaj (Gitter) is it possible to export a built image using the docker plugin ? it looks like it had a "save" option at some point but it was removed ?
20:55:31@gitter_ashwilliams1:matrix.orgashwilliams1 (Gitter) the scope of the docker plugin is to build and publish an image. Alternate uses cases require using a different plugin, or you can drop down and interact directly with Docker https://docker-runner.docs.drone.io/examples/service/docker/
20:56:32@gitter_ashwilliams1:matrix.orgashwilliams1 (Gitter) (edited) the scope ... => @nicoulaj the scope ...
20:56:53@gitter_ashwilliams1:matrix.orgashwilliams1 (Gitter) (edited) ... Alternate uses cases ... => ... Alternate use cases ...
20:57:56@gitter_ashwilliams1:matrix.orgashwilliams1 (Gitter) (edited) ... Alternate uses cases ... => ... Alternate use cases ...
23 Jan 2020
00:45:09@gitter_nesimtunc:matrix.orgNesim (Gitter) thank you very much @tboerger
09:08:32@gitter_liquid-cloud:matrix.orgliquid-cloud (Gitter) changed their display name from gitter_liquid-cloud to liquid-cloud (Gitter).
09:08:36@gitter_liquid-cloud:matrix.orgliquid-cloud (Gitter) @bradrydzewski do you have any idea how to get the renewed license? I'm getting NXDOMAIN when trying to run nslookup on license.drone.io
09:40:28@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration is_null on Freenode hi all, any idea why plugins/docker crashes for me ? https://dpaste.org/LpPv thanks
09:41:18@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration is_null on Freenode is it because i need this fix ? https://github.com/drone-plugins/drone-docker/pull/241
15:10:58@gitter_mcnicholls:matrix.orgMichael Nicholls (Gitter) Has anyone tried to use the payload field in a github deployment? It looks like drone should decode this field as if it is a JSON object and then use the resulting map[string]string to merge into the environment? Does that sound about right?
15:49:09@gitter_yourpropertyexpert:matrix.orgMark Harrison (Gitter)

Can you stop a (detached) drone stage in a later drone stage?

My usage case is that I need to set up a set of services for acceptance tests... some of which are very memory-hungry... and I'd like to shut them down again once the acceptance tests have finished because there's still a fair bit of the pipeline to run :-)

17:42:49@gitter_ouroboros8:matrix.orgDan Strong (Gitter) joined the room.
17:42:50@gitter_ouroboros8:matrix.orgDan Strong (Gitter)Is it possible to use the free drone cloud offering to build docker images? Or would that require a self-hosted installation with the exec or ssh runners?
17:52:51@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration techknowlogick Daniel Strong (Gitter): it is very possible to use it to build docker images. In fact I just added a new pipeline in one of my projects to do just that.
17:53:06@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration techknowlogick Just make sure your image doesn't also mine crypto or abuse CPU and you should be fine
18:56:15@gitter_tboerger:matrix.orgThomas Boerger (Gitter) You can build anything on cloud.drone.io for free on Linux amd64, arm and arm64 for free based on public github repos as long as it's not crypto mining and fair use. The ssh runner is also available where you are able to ssh to your own servers for native pipelines.
19:35:49@gitter_ouroboros8:matrix.orgDan Strong (Gitter) changed their display name from Daniel Strong (Gitter) to Dan Strong (Gitter).
19:35:54@gitter_ouroboros8:matrix.orgDan Strong (Gitter) Thanks both. I don't suppose either of you has an example docker build pipeline? I think I might be missing something obvious.
19:36:43@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration techknowlogick Simple one can be found here: http://plugins.drone.io/drone-plugins/drone-docker/
19:37:22@gitter_ouroboros8:matrix.orgDan Strong (Gitter) Aha, that's exactly what I needed. Thanks for your help.
24 Jan 2020
15:42:00@gitter_danhoffman699:matrix.orgDaniel Hoffman (Gitter)How does Drone enforce per-build timeouts?
15:42:21@gitter_danhoffman699:matrix.orgDaniel Hoffman (Gitter) I have mine set at 60 minutes, but a job lasted for around 14 hours until I SSH'd in and killed it
15:42:52@gitter_danhoffman699:matrix.orgDaniel Hoffman (Gitter)This is in something I wrote, so if it sends a signal that is not SIGKILL I can handle it independently
18:10:21@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) which runner are we talking about? If the exec runner, Go has a built-in option for handling process timeouts, which is what we are using: https://golang.org/pkg/os/exec/#CommandContext

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