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20 Feb 2019
19:27:41@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)rc.1 had per-user/per-repo limits
19:27:43@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)those were removed
19:27:48@gitter_ironhalik:matrix.orgMichal Weinert (Gitter)oh
19:27:56@gitter_ironhalik:matrix.orgMichal Weinert (Gitter)awesome, thanks
19:31:00@gitter_ironhalik:matrix.orgMichal Weinert (Gitter) btw - as a devops guy with some experience with various CI/CD tools - Drone with it's overall pipeline logic, syntax, overall implementation, absolutely appeals to me the most
19:32:15@gitter_ironhalik:matrix.orgMichal Weinert (Gitter) (edited) ... guy with some experience ... => ... guy having experience ...
19:32:39@gitter_ironhalik:matrix.orgMichal Weinert (Gitter)its awesome, thanks
20:14:19@gitter_jones2026:matrix.orgJohn Jones (Gitter)So any use of drone agents makes me using the enterprise license?
20:24:15@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)if you are running more than 15,000 builds per year
20:25:46@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) the license has a waiver at the bottom
  1. less than 15,000 total pipelines executed using this software
    in the immediately preceding, year-long period
20:26:25@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) @ironhalik thanks :)
20:40:01@gitter_microadam:matrix.orgAdam Duncan (Gitter)anywhere to see how many builds have run? would be an interesting thing to keep track of!
20:40:07@gitter_microadam:matrix.orgAdam Duncan (Gitter) (edited) anywhere to ... => anyway to ...
20:48:49@gitter_jones2026:matrix.orgJohn Jones (Gitter)So once we cross the 15000 (builds or pipelines?) we then have one year to purchase a license?
20:49:42@gitter_jones2026:matrix.orgJohn Jones (Gitter)Or then we need to immediately purchase a license?
20:52:47@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)immediate
20:53:00@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)well, 32 days, I believe
20:53:31@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) (edited) well, 32 days, ... => 32 days, ...
20:59:44@gitter_jones2026:matrix.orgJohn Jones (Gitter) Only exception then would be if we don't use any drone agents?
21:00:59@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter) I have created a faq here: https://discourse.drone.io/t/drone-enterprise-questions/3839
21:08:44@gitter_jones2026:matrix.orgJohn Jones (Gitter)Thanks!
21:09:15@gitter_jones2026:matrix.orgJohn Jones (Gitter)Any idea what enterprise pricing model will be?
21 Feb 2019
00:16:42@gitter_cloudnautique:matrix.orgBill Maxwell (Gitter) How do you get the token for a machine account to scrape prom metrics? I used the drone 1.0.6 cli which has drone user add --machine username but no way to set a token
00:19:43@gitter_cloudnautique:matrix.orgBill Maxwell (Gitter) https://docs.drone.io/administration/server/metrics/
00:20:02@gitter_cloudnautique:matrix.orgBill Maxwell (Gitter) were the docs I was looking at. Discourse didn't have anything obvious.
00:49:01@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)sorry about that, you can pass the token
00:49:02@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)example:
01:00:04@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)

@cloudnautique ok, nevermind, my bad

I just pushed a v1.0.7 and the binary should be available shortly

01:00:25@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)
$ drone user add --machine prometheus
Successfully added user prometheus
Generated account token yjV1QTvFzRiYyS4bCunxeSeO
01:02:32@gitter_bradrydzewski:matrix.orgBrad Rydzewski (Gitter)if you are building the CLI from source, it is available in master. Otherwise github release should be ready in ~5 minutes

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