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Finally, a chat room where you can evade all those rooms with STUPID ANNOYING KIDS that just shitpost all day and act like KIDS. This room is 100% guaranteed to never have ANY THING that is non-serious. We at Occidental Enclave Incorporated take your seriousness VERY seriously, and if we ever see ANY ONE post any thing that isn't 100.69% serious, they will be BANNED immediately! (unless OE is currently 100 members or less, because at that point we can't really afford to lose members, but we will still act like we are going to ban them, hopefully to scare them in to submission..)36 Servers

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19 Oct 2021
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7 Which Zelda there’s like 3 or something 14:48:52
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)barf of wild14:49:04
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7Non gacha genshin ?14:49:21
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)sure14:49:26
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7 Amazing talking about games I bought a ps3 14:50:03
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)oh neat14:50:12
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7 It’s very sexy 14:50:34
Download ima_a914a71.jpeg
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)oh neat a special edition..14:51:06
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7 Yes yes, so who else is active these days 14:51:30
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)me and seven14:51:37
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7 Did miasma finally go to jail 14:52:03
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenlast he said he got a year of not being allowed on the internet14:52:58
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenhavnt seen him since14:53:04
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7 Damn he was my favorite pedo 14:53:19
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7 Oh seven how is your relationship with your little sister or whatever she is 14:53:39
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7The like 4yo14:53:43
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenvery normal14:55:07
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7 Surprised 14:56:39
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)he has to stay off internet for 2 years if i recall..14:58:09
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7 I wonder why definitely not because of the cheese pizza 17:46:26
21 Oct 2021
@dell_employee:nerdsin.spaceDr. Dell (7days croissant)image.png
Download image.png
@dell_employee:nerdsin.spaceDr. Dell (7days croissant)The cartoon was intended to be an exercise in silliness. While I have never met a cow who could make tools, I felt sure that if I did, they (the tools) would lack something in sophistication and resemble the sorry specimens shown in this cartoon. I regret that my fondness for cows, combined with an overactive imagination, may have carried me beyond what is comprehensible to the average Far Side reader.11:43:19
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)the chance that a cow might make tools is very small.....but it is never zero11:44:46
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)🐮11:44:52
@zillarex7:matrix.orgZillarex7 That cartoon is very silly quite a chuckle 14:05:49
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22 Oct 2021
@sbyk2:nerdsin.spacesbyk2 left the room.06:11:57
@dell_employee:nerdsin.spaceDr. Dell (7days croissant)TÜRKs are the attack force of the BLACK race. God created them to protect the KARA BOGA in Africa from the wh*toid scum . Turks are the attack force of the BLACK race. This is why TÜRKS conquered Europe around the same time the BLACK KANGZ were attacked in Afrika. They destroyed the wh7te capital of CONSTANTINOPLE and replaced it with ISTANBULL, to honour our BLACK BULL (KARA BOGA) nature. When the African KANGZDOMS were destroyed TÜRKIYE was the last KARA BOGA country on earth. The wh#te subhumans attempted to take it down in order to permanently end the KANGZ and nearly suceeded. Luckily the biggest KARA BOGA of them all, Mustafa JAMAL, fought of the wh1te beasts and created a BLACK utopia in TÜRKIYE. However the nefarious schemes of the wh'tes continued, attempting to bring the KARA BOGA TÜRKS into the E.U. where they would be overwhelmed by gayreek WH9TE immigrants. Luckily from the furthest we can get from Europe in Turkey, the north east GEORGIAN BLACK territory, a new KARA BOGA rose for the first time since Mustafa JAMAL. RECEP TAYIPP ERDOGAN (REIS) destroyed all wh8te LAICITE devils and restored himself as the KANGZ of TÜRKIYE. Now the BLACK KARA BOGA TÜRKS must struggle against the wh6tes to end that accursed race once and for all.12:10:05
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