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Finally, a chat room where you can evade all those rooms with STUPID ANNOYING KIDS that just shitpost all day and act like KIDS. This room is 100% guaranteed to never have ANY THING that is non-serious. We at Occidental Enclave Incorporated take your seriousness VERY seriously, and if we ever see ANY ONE post any thing that isn't 100.69% serious, they will be BANNED immediately! (unless OE is currently 100 members or less, because at that point we can't really afford to lose members, but we will still act like we are going to ban them, hopefully to scare them in to submission..)34 Servers

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29 Sep 2020
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit) Seven okay nighty night since you are sleeping now i guess.. 06:16:32
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)were you brushing your teeth or some thing..06:43:47
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit) Seven 06:48:48
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)okay nighty night any way.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzšŸ›ŒšŸ’¤06:59:59
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit) * okay nighty night any way.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzšŸ›ŒšŸ’¤07:00:36
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenoh i was hanging out with mom18:00:23
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)oh okay18:35:17
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSeveni got her to massage my back 18:35:39
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenand my butt šŸ˜³18:36:00
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)that's good then..18:36:07
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSeveni kept waking up today18:36:49
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenone time it was to squeak noise 18:37:09
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenand sweating 18:37:30
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenand then woke up two more times but not that long18:37:53
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSeventime to go weigh fatness levels18:38:07
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)sweating? heater on high as usual or what18:39:27
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenno heater on18:39:49
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenim usually fine but i almost woke up with dry throat too18:40:11
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenuntil i started thinking wtf no im not sick18:40:17
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenand then it kind of went away18:40:22
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenso that was good18:40:34
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777 (I'm taking a shit)oh okay18:40:40
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenive got 3 bananas to eat today18:41:45
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenafter today they will probbaly get that shitty taste18:41:52
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@anel_lena2.0:nerdsin.spaceLenait doesnt even start for like... 6 hours18:44:04
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSeveni ate banana18:49:20
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@martin:netzgemeinde.eumartin 19:50:11

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