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2 Feb 2019
14:43:21@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghshould be wallpaper for KX Studio 18.04
14:43:43@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghand ofc we have the "Describe it" wallpaper
14:44:30@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghoh, I noticed the button for loading samples doesn't 'light' on
14:44:49@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghI think it did before ? dunno
15:27:20@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulniersOW YEAH
15:27:55@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulniersI wanted to make a test plugin to demonstate an issue I'm having with nanovg images on windows, and I messed up, so it became art
15:28:18@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulniersglitch cat
15:36:17@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghnew meme
15:36:30@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghpls share on mastodon ;-)
15:37:14@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghtwf when you're hacking halfway through an idea and suddenly relealise it won't possibly work
15:37:52@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghI wanna hilite the played sample slice
15:38:13@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghatm hilite means = you are editing this slice
15:38:37@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghbut what if I receive several midi notes ..
15:39:07@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrgh same high lighting makes no sense at all
16:01:20@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulniersoops, I messed up again
16:01:48@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulniersit seems nanovg doesn't expect the channels to be in that order :p
16:04:49@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulniersalright, finally got it lol
16:32:56@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulnierscan't reproduce, unfortunately
16:33:17@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulniersat least I had fun messing up a cat picture, I guess
16:34:08@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulniersby the way, I actually had to do a bit of custom vectorial rendering at work this week
16:34:56@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulnierssome fancy rendering for a phone app, using Skia
16:36:10@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulniersit felt right at home lol
16:42:57@pdesaulniers:matrix.orgpdesaulniersit's not very different from nanovg
16:53:25@rghvdberg:matrix.orgrghCool 😎

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