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General conversations go here. PG‑13 only; no controversial topics; DO NOT PING LOUIS UNNECESSARILY. Parent Space: #rossmannrepair:matrix.org Complete Rules: (1) We have staff that volunteer their time/labor here. These hard‑workers request that you don't come here to shitpost, spam, insult users, post gore, post sexual imagery, or post irrelevant memes. In other words: stay civil. (2) We humbly request that any repair advice you provide be well‑sourced or derived from years of experience. ✱✱ Note that advice given here is community‑driven and may not reflect the views of Rossmann Repair Group, Inc. Should you need professional assistance, please seek repair services at https://rossmanngroup.com or consult the official forum at https://boards.rossmanngroup.com. ✱✱ (3) As a member of this community, you agree to refrain from bothering Rossmann Repair Group, Inc. and other businesses which advertise their services here. Unprofessional contact with any such company, including but not limited to Matrix‑related support requests, will result in termination from this community. (4) Sharing and soliciting copyrighted works to which you lack an appropriate license are prohibited. (Sharing original works to which you own the copyright is permissible.) (5) This community is intended as a place of constructive and educational discussion. Conducting oneself in a seemingly disingenuous way which hampers or derails constructive discussion shall result in removal from the community. Likewise, abbreviations and other potentially unfamiliar terminology should be used only in moderation (as contextually appropriate) to permit broader engagement. Additionally, raiding other communities or engaging them with unproductive nonsense stemming from this community will result in an immediate and unappealable ban. (6) For any content or moderation issues relating to this Matrix community that you wish to address privately, please send a direct message to one or more of the moderators/administrators of this room. Matrix‑related tech support questions are usually best fielded publicly.147 Servers

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