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5 Nov 2019
04:05:54@tmallard:matrix.orgtmallardGot work on a survey idea ready to send.
14 Nov 2019

Bloodhound's aerodynamic sensor setup of the real world car they are comparing to the long-term model it was designed & built from; 2:11;


16 Nov 2019

-397F/-238C ... wow ... a lunar crater cold, remote sensing, ok article;


19 Nov 2019

Nobody at the mtg, I did a survey monkey of 3 questions for volunteers, send me your email addr. to review.

If no replies I'll assume it's ok to send, cheers!

04:09:58@suzi.bianco:matrix.orgsuzi.biancoSorry Tom! Coral Meetings are suspended for a bit.
04:12:22@tmallard:matrix.orgtmallardOk by me suzi.bianco thx!
22 Nov 2019
20:44:47@tmallard:matrix.orgtmallard This is a serious big effort:
"India Plans to Build its Own Space Station, But How Hard Will It Be?" on YouTube
26 Nov 2019
20:12:52@tmallard:matrix.orgtmallard Since they are launching more than anyone else globally, "Every Chinese Rocket Design Explained!", Scott Manley's channel; 14:30:
14 Dec 2019
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17 Dec 2019
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18 Dec 2019
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04:15:26@sofieshen:matrix.orgsofieshenHello! I've just joined the team..are there meetings going on still?
19 Dec 2019
00:45:57@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean Welcome sofieshen ! udit.kumar.sahoo is probably the best point of contact as far as Coral's current status and meeting details
00:48:03@drbriefs:matrix.orgseanApologies, as I haven't been keeping up on the weekly meetings. Would like to get back to being more involved soon.
00:48:17@drbriefs:matrix.orgsean * Apologies, as I haven't been keeping up on the weekly meetings. Would like to get back to being more involved soon.
06:31:37@udit.kumar.sahoo:matrix.orgudit.kumar.sahoo Hey sofieshen, currently the weekly meetings are on pause. After we have transitioned through the Christmas break, by early next year, we'll let everyone know the plan.
14:03:33@mhpanda:matrix.orgmhpanda sofieshen: Just don't forget to transition over to Keybase for chat. SD is planning on phasing out riot for chats.
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20 Dec 2019
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21 Dec 2019
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22 Dec 2019
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23 Dec 2019
22:17:12@sofieshen:matrix.orgsofieshenmay I get a link to the chat we're using currently? Thank you so much :) and nice to meet you all!
25 Dec 2019
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26 Dec 2019
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In reply to @sofieshen:matrix.org
may I get a link to the chat we're using currently? Thank you so much :) and nice to meet you all!
Go to the SD-General channel in this chatroom. Yalda posted a link to Keybase there. Her's is the message toward the end of the thread that is preety much all in red type. The link takes you directly to the SD chat "homepage", but you will have to create an account. It is pretty simple.
31 Dec 2019
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6 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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