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9 Jul 2020
@telegram_879294982:t2bot.ioLubos Kocmanwait a sec10:28:51
@telegram_879294982:t2bot.ioLubos Kocman https://bugzilla.suse.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1167940 10:28:55
@telegram_879294982:t2bot.ioLubos Kocmanthis is as good as the aptx support can get10:29:05
@telegram_879294982:t2bot.ioLubos Kocmanyou want to use all rpms from Takashi's repo10:29:43
@_discord_138384403519897600:t2bot.io@_discord_138384403519897600:t2bot.io changed their display name from YandereKate to YandereKate#1313.16:45:39
@_discord_138384403519897600:t2bot.io@_discord_138384403519897600:t2bot.io left the room.16:45:39
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix Stasiek Michalski: !discord bridge 366985425371398146 660902159910567966 23:21:10
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix m4u9: LCP is telegram here already bridged? 23:21:17
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: it's only bridged in xfce 23:21:17
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix m4u9: LCP nothing is happening 23:21:17
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: really? 23:21:17
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: yeah 23:21:17
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: yeah, I just sent a traceback 23:21:21
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: Dead_Mozay something's wrong with the package, did you update mautrix without testing it with mautrix-telegram? 23:21:21
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix m4u9: but it worked in xfce room... 23:21:21
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: yeah, I restarted the service 23:21:21
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrixDownload LCP sent a file: message.txt23:21:22
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix m4u9 sent an image: unknown.png 23:21:29
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: and updates are automatic >:D 23:22:10
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: it's a missing depencency on python3-contextvars 23:22:10
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: it's not an issue on tumbleweed, since it was integrated in python 3.8 23:22:10
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: m4u9 should be fixed 23:22:11
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix m4u9: alright... do we need to kick and reinvite the bot? or just the command? 23:22:11
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix Stasiek Michalski: fuck 23:22:17
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: ok, the telegram bridge should be back 23:22:17
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix m4u9: LCP -1001392728870 23:22:17
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: m4u9 there is also a bridge in project btw 23:22:17
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix LCP: command should be enough 23:22:17
@telegram_1079447268:t2bot.ioMatrix m4u9: vinzv you’re admin there too right? 23:22:21

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