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24 Feb 2024
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25 Feb 2024
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@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar I'd love to see that 😄
I plan to work on adding socketcan capabilities to net stdlib
26 Feb 2024
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@_discord_823468778704076810:t2bot.iogirvo ooooh neat! we're gonna tackle Modbus-TCP over ethernet shortly, in a related space haha, but I really wanna finish off our CAN stuff. Its super rudimentary atm 11:36:27
@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar Is there a repo to see that? Maybe that might help me with adding CANbus to sockets 11:42:49
@_discord_823468778704076810:t2bot.iogirvo Not yet sadly, it's mostly proprietary -- but I'm in the process of pushing some of it out to libs to be open sourced! 11:43:56
@_discord_1068255412840845362:t2bot.iokhazakar Oh okay,waiting! 🙂 11:44:15
@_discord_823468778704076810:t2bot.iogirvo We wrote the Modbus driver in Nim from scratch 'coz all the C level ones were all too compile-time configuration based, we needed runtime network driven slave configs. It's somewhat all ESP-IDF specific, but that's mostly implementation details

I do wonder whether it'd be worth making the low level "uart_init, uart_write, uart_read, uart_uninstall" (or init, write, read, destroy more generally) procs received as static params to the module... dunno if that's feasible

but basically let devs plug in the specific SDKs they're using (STMs HAL, ESP-IDF, picosdk, etc) in a zero-runtime-overhead manner
@_discord_823468778704076810:t2bot.iogirvo https://github.com/VenturiTechnology It'll end up here 🙂 11:49:53
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27 Feb 2024
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