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20 Mar 2023
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 and /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libclang.so links to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libclang-14.so and clang --version is 14.0.6 21:40:24
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 readelf -d opir returns the same? 21:40:28
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 well 21:40:29
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 libclang.so 21:40:31
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 ~/.nimble/bin/opir 21:40:32
@Yepoleb:matrix.orgYepolebopir is linked with libclang-14.so.13, maybe it followed the symlink to the end21:46:36
@Yepoleb:matrix.orgYepolebor readelf resolves it21:46:44
@pmunch:fosdem.orgpmunchThen I've got no idea what causes it. Might be a bug with Opir unfortunately 21:56:37
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 djazz can i disable everything that needs futhark? compilation worked fine before i switched to pico_w 22:02:58
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 well, the wifi stuff is wrapped using it 22:03:03
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 i just want the led to blink 22:03:05
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 hmm 22:03:07
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 the led is connected to the wifi chip 22:03:09
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 oh, that's an interesting design decision lol 22:03:10
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 cyw43_arch.nim imports the cyw43_driver which imports lwip 22:03:11
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 yeah, they added wifi by using the led pin to the wifi chip, and the wifi chip had a spare gpio to use for led instead 22:03:12
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 cyw43 lite:
import picostdlib
{.push header: "pico/cyw43_arch.h".}

proc cyw43ArchInit*(): PicoErrorCodes {.importc: "cyw43_arch_init".}
proc cyw43ArchDeinit*() {.importc: "cyw43_arch_deinit".}
proc cyw43ArchGpioPut*(wlGpio: Cyw43WlGpio; value: Value) {.importc: "cyw43_arch_gpio_put".}
proc cyw43ArchGpioGet*(wlGpio: Cyw43WlGpio): Value {.importc: "cyw43_arch_gpio_get".}

@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 try that heh 22:03:45
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 what type is Value? 22:09:19
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 High or Low 22:10:57
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 before it was true or false 22:11:06
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 omg it's blinking 22:12:19
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 thank you ❤️ 22:12:27
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 ayye 22:12:44
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 after 9 years in development, it was worth the wait 22:13:25
@_discord_81390960805675008:t2bot.iodjazz#0147 xD 22:13:31
@_discord_1046982517921693777:t2bot.ioedf joined the room.22:17:04
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 That's enough pico for today though 22:17:41
@_discord_144300201857777664:t2bot.ioYepoleb#6459 I was not prepared for how difficult it would be 22:18:15

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