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7 Jun 2020
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8 Jun 2020
In reply to @mar:elsmussols.net
I managed to join this channel from Spectral, but it doesn't show in the app, only in browser.
Are you sure those are regular events, like messages being sent?
9 Jun 2020
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8 Jun 2020
@mayeul:mayeul.netMayeulCYou might need to restart spectral for it to show? I'm not sure...18:16:57
10 Jun 2020
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12 Jun 2020

Hey, I am trying to build spectral, which I haven't done in a while. Here's what I did.

$ git clone git@gitlab.com:spectral-im/spectral.git
$ cd spectral; git submodule init; git submodule update
$ cmake . -Bbuild
$ cd build
$ make all -j15
$ ./spectral
QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
qrc:/qml/main.qml:123:9: Type AccountDetailDialog unavailable
qrc:/imports/Spectral/Dialog/AccountDetailDialog.qml:42:41: Unexpected token `?'
qrc:/imports/Spectral/Dialog/AccountDetailDialog.qml:44:17: Expected token `:'

Is this a known issue? Platform: Arch


make all -j15


@strit:matrix.orgStrithappens to my spectral too. It may be related to the qt 5.15 update?11:54:09
In reply to @andrewm:amorgan.xyz

make all -j15


That's karma. I'm struggling to use guix on my anemic 2008 netbook (1-core atom@1.2GHz, with hyperthreading). Plus, it has RAM issues so I had to downgrade that to 512 MB. What I gain in compilation time on my Ryzen I lose there 😢
In reply to @strit:matrix.org
happens to my spectral too. It may be related to the qt 5.15 update?
Does it work with an earlier commit? I have a pending system upgrade with some qt packages, I'll perform the upgrade and see if that's resolved.
@strit:matrix.orgStritI use the spectral from git master, so I wouldn't know.14:09:46
@mayeul:mayeul.netMayeulC Ah yeah, it works after pacman -Syu and starting again from the cmake step 15:12:26
@strit:matrix.orgStritTrying another rebuild then.15:14:04
@mayeul:mayeul.netMayeulCAlso, hello from spectral now 🙃 I prefer Nheko's UI, but Spectral is definitely easier to build 😇15:14:49
@mayeul:mayeul.netMayeulCEh, timeline is buggy: your message just appeared, but the others disappeared15:15:42
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@strit:matrix.orgStritRebuild didn't work for me.15:18:51
@mayeul:mayeul.netMayeulC I did do a make clean before 15:43:54
@strit:matrix.orgStritI build in clean chroots. But nevermind. Ill just wait.15:48:43
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13 Jun 2020
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14 Jun 2020
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16 Jun 2020
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17 Jun 2020
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