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21 Aug 2021
@victor.yanchuk:matrix.orgJohn Galt changed their display name from Joter Glem to John Galt.10:35:58
24 Aug 2021
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [Spectral/Spectral] Alexander Reznov commented on issue Appveyor link for Windows download broken (#224) 11:39:49
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [Spectral/Spectral] Tmpod commented on issue Appveyor link for Windows download broken (#224) 20:43:17
29 Aug 2021
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30 Aug 2021
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1 Sep 2021
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2 Sep 2021
@clement-z:matrix.orgClément changed their display name from clement-z to Clément.14:22:08
3 Sep 2021
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4 Sep 2021
@tachi:matrix.orgtachiReally sad that Spectral has been almost abandoned by its creator :/ I love its look, and it is also written in QtQuick and C++, it's awesome 09:09:32
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodIt's not almost abandoned, it is abandoned, unfortunately11:56:29
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodIt was indeed a good project, so much so that KDE forked it into NeoChat11:57:18
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpod take a look at #neochat:kde.org 11:57:28
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpod tachi 11:57:33
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodIt's great, but the UI layout is a bit different11:57:57
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodI've been slowly working on porting Spectral's UI to NeoChat's core, like Carl had suggested me once11:58:32
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodBut I'm busy with other, more pressing, things, so I haven't put much time into it11:59:10
@tachi:matrix.orgtachiOh wow, I didn't know it was a Spectral fork. Unfortunately I don't like the classic Qt look :/ In the meantime I've switched to Fractal, but when you'll complete your UI work I'll be happy to switch back :) 13:59:24
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpod It has a lot of themes tachi 14:22:26
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodgive it a try and see if you like any of them14:22:38
6 Sep 2021
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7 Sep 2021
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19 Sep 2021
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26 Sep 2021
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30 Sep 2021
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7 Oct 2021
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9 Oct 2021
@lamdarer:riotchat.deLamdarer changed their display name from Lamdarer to Ich.08:44:57
@lamdarer:riotchat.deLamdarer changed their display name from Ich to Lamdarer.08:46:39
15 Oct 2021
@aa13q:matrix.orgaa13q changed their profile picture.17:56:09

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