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8 Sep 2020
@xvitaly:matrix.orgxvitaly Black Hat: Can you fix issue with startup? 14:23:51
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack HatQt 6 alpha is supposed to come out in 15 Sep tho14:23:54
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack HatOh, null coalescing operator is only supported in Qt 5.1514:25:32
In reply to @bhat:encom.eu.org
not enough new features :P
I don't think point releases are supposed to have new features lol
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutAny particular Qt 6.0 feature you're waiting for for Spectral?14:32:31
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack Hatuhh..there are supposed to be a lot of new QML features14:33:09
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack Hatlike strongly typed QML14:33:21
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutYeah QML 3.0 will be released afaik14:33:53
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutStrongly typed, that is nice actually14:34:04
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack Hatyes I hate weakly typed languages14:34:19
@carl:kde.orgCarl Schwanit's for Qt 6 but probably only Qt 6.1 or 6.214:34:37
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack HatAlso I'm learning Rust14:35:00
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack Hatnot sure how that helps14:36:14
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutIt doesn't lol. No good Qt bindings afaik, and an absolute pain in the ass to package for distributions14:41:58
@carl:kde.orgCarl Schwanrust was interesting at the beginning, but yeah it's a pain to distribute, tons of dependencies14:44:28
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack Hat
In reply to @carl:kde.org
rust was interesting at the beginning, but yeah it's a pain to distribute, tons of dependencies
dependencies? 👀 Qt
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack Hat still less dependencies than Javascript 14:45:42
@carl:kde.orgCarl SchwanWith Qt you ussually only have the Qt libraries, a few KDE frameworks and this is all14:46:19
@carl:kde.orgCarl Schwanwith rust you get 200 dependencies, and 1000 in javascript14:46:38
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack HatWait, rust crates actually compile to dynamic libraries?14:48:05
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOut Well you can compile them dynamically but in practice no one does it. The lack of a stable ABI makes it useless to do 14:49:07
9 Sep 2020
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack Hathttps://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtqml-documents-definetypes.html#inline-components06:25:25
@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack HatThat's quite useful actually06:25:32
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10 Sep 2020
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16 Sep 2020
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19 Sep 2020
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [Spectral/Spectral] Black Hat force pushed to or deleted branch maq 07:54:50
21 Sep 2020
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22 Sep 2020
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25 Sep 2020
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