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10 Apr 2021
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpod Only bhat/@Black Hat can merge it but he seems to have disappeared again 14:14:50
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodThe MR in question is https://gitlab.com/spectral-im/spectral/-/merge_requests/8314:15:44
@tawi:matrix.org@tawi:matrix.orgWhat client for desktop do you recommend?14:16:28
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodElement if you want all functionality, else Nheko or NeoChat ig14:17:09
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodNeoChat is a fork of Spectral14:17:16
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodIts based on KDE libs and it looks a lot different from Spectral14:18:10
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodIt's actively maintained tho14:18:22
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodUnfortunately, Spectral is somewhat dead atm14:18:32
@tawi:matrix.org@tawi:matrix.orgIs element trustable?14:19:49
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodIts the reference implementation 14:20:48
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodIt is an Electron app though, so its bulkier than these other clients14:21:26
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodBut its by far the most feature complete14:21:36
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12 Apr 2021
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [Spectral/Spectral] VMGuy23 opened issue HTML Escape codes show in /me (#223) 16:44:05
13 Apr 2021
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14 Apr 2021
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@onionfarmer:matrix.orgonionfarmerNo support for bridges ?15:46:13
@PureTryOut:matrix.orgPureTryOut (matrix.org)Clients have nothing to do with bridges, that's up to the server you're using15:46:43
@onionfarmer:matrix.orgonionfarmerSo how do i join one in spectral15:48:00
@PureTryOut:matrix.orgPureTryOut (matrix.org)You just join a room that has a bridge enabled15:48:30
@onionfarmer:matrix.orgonionfarmerWhen i search for it i don't find bridged rooms16:21:13
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodBy default it only searches in the matrix.org server20:20:20
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodIf you have it in any other served you have to write it in the little dropdown20:20:34
15 Apr 2021
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16 Apr 2021
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