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29 Oct 2019
20:33:01@PhoenixLandPirate:matrix.orgPhoenix Land Pirate changed their profile picture.
4 Nov 2019
17:56:06@PhoenixLandPirate:matrix.orgPhoenix Land Pirate changed their profile picture.
9 Nov 2019
15:08:44@blamooo:privacytools.ioblamooo joined the room.
15:09:06@blamooo:privacytools.ioblamoooHey guys, I'm having trouble logging into the spectral client
15:10:31@blamooo:privacytools.ioblamoooI just get "login failed. Invalid password"
15:11:52@blamooo:privacytools.ioblamoooI installed via flatpak on Manjaro linux
15:18:09@blamooo:privacytools.ioblamoooRedacted or Malformed Event
15:18:09@blamooo:privacytools.ioblamoooRedacted or Malformed Event
15:31:55@blamooo:privacytools.ioblamooo left the room.
10 Nov 2019
00:31:36@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack HatHmm...
04:05:44@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoa Some feedback for the webpage, looks like it could use some more information? https://spectral.encom.eu.org/
04:05:55@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoa Err, https://reddit.com/comments/dtwo5k
04:24:06* @bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack Hat is just lazy to make a proper website
04:24:33@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack HatThe front page is indeed overly simplified
04:27:04@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack HatI think the source of the website is somewhere in my gitlab 🤔
04:28:38@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoaAre you asking for a PR? :P
04:29:40@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack HatI really don't know what to put on the front page...so yeah, a PR would be great
04:30:48@bhat:encom.eu.orgBlack HatOh here it is: https://gitlab.com/b0/spectral.encom.eu.org
16:55:18@tionis:tasadar.nettionis joined the room.
12 Nov 2019
03:50:07@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [Black Hat/Spectral] Black Hat merged merge request Added linkage against Qt5 QuickControls2 (!66)
03:50:07@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [Black Hat/Spectral#master] 2 new commits by Black Hat
03:50:08@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications
  • Merge branch 'qtcontrols2' into 'master' (...) (584678bb)
  • Added linkage against Qt5 QuickControls2. (...) (13927cea)
14 Nov 2019
23:56:38@lothar:matrix.kiwifarms.netlothar joined the room.
15 Nov 2019
19:57:18@yvonne:hispagatos.orgyvonne joined the room.
17 Nov 2019
02:24:11@benedicto:matrix.orgbenedicto joined the room.
03:59:30@klaus:kde.orgklaus joined the room.
18 Nov 2019
22:53:27@wau:riotchat.dewau joined the room.
20 Nov 2019
20:49:05@olaf:chat.weho.stolaf joined the room.
21 Nov 2019
02:24:48@gramp:matrix.orggramp joined the room.
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