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18 Jun 2020
@cornelius:ru-matrix.orgcornelius joined the room.22:56:42
19 Jun 2020
@cornelius:ru-matrix.orgcornelius 08:16:02
@tatjana:sibnsk.nettatjana 18:45:55
20 Jun 2020
@nicola:privacytools.ionicola 07:14:03
@klaus:kde.orgklaus 07:18:29
21 Jun 2020
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22 Jun 2020
@carl:kde.orgCarl Schwan joined the room.19:24:42
@carl:kde.orgCarl SchwanHi, I started working a bit on a the kirigami2 branch, https://gitlab.com/ognarb/spectral/ :)19:26:16
@carl:kde.orgCarl Schwanimage.png
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@carl:kde.orgCarl SchwanFor the moment it was mostly rebasing on top of master, porting to Kirigami.Avatar, fixing a bug in Kirigami.Avatar and a few other minor fixes19:33:23
@tmpod:matrixcoding.chatTmpodlovely to see some progress on that21:50:53
23 Jun 2020
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutHell yes, good job!07:09:13
* @bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOut still wants to run the Kirigami branch of Spectral on his PinePhone one day07:09:37
@mayeul:mayeul.netMayeulCThat actually looks quite good!13:22:15
@erich:bau-ha.userich 23:18:01
25 Jun 2020
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26 Jun 2020
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27 Jun 2020
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30 Jun 2020
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [Spectral/Spectral] Vitaly Zaitsev opened issue Failed to build against libquotient 0.6-beta2 (#207) 15:03:45
Download uhm
@tmpod:matrixcoding.chatTmpodnot sure why everything seems to be so spaced out now19:27:53
@tmpod:matrixcoding.chatTmpodand why some stuff has turned into emojis lol19:28:05
@tmpod:matrixcoding.chatTmpodI did get an emoji font to patch up some missing emojis but no app has been broken except Spectral19:28:41
@scott:perthchat.orgscott 20:47:50
@olaf:chat.weho.stolaf 22:55:18
1 Jul 2020
@mayeul:mayeul.netMayeulCLooks like it's using the emoji font for everything14:26:38
2 Jul 2020
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