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14 Feb 2019
15:30:40@uvnikita:matrix.orguvnikitaIf someone is interested, I found this repository kindly created by Mic92 and dezgeg: https://github.com/Mic92/nix-fpm-multiuser. Downloading and istalling rpm package the releases pages seems to be just working: https://github.com/Mic92/nix-fpm-multiuser/releases.
15:38:51@washort:greyface.orgdashoh nice. i might steal this for some software i build with nix, to be able to dostribute it to non-nix users
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22:41:56@guilhermehas:matrix.orgguilhermehasRedacted or Malformed Event
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15 Feb 2019
00:02:52@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaHas anyone made any progress on running nix as a custom iso on digital ocean?
00:10:33@washort:greyface.orgdashisn't nixos-infect the usual choice?
00:11:28@washort:greyface.orgdashI guess nixos_lustrate is the new thing
16:38:13@therealwaphire:matrix.orgtherealwaphire dash: hey, dash. you seem quite experienced with Nix. Can you help me out a bit? Can I DM you?
16:43:34@washort:greyface.orgdashHow about you just ask here? :)
16:43:47@therealwaphire:matrix.orgtherealwaphirehaha, okay that works too :P
16:44:04@therealwaphire:matrix.orgtherealwaphireso I was watching some videos on YouTube about NixOS
16:44:35@therealwaphire:matrix.orgtherealwaphireand I'm kind of confused as to what packages should belong to the system scope (as in available to everyone) and what all should be put in a profile?
19:32:24@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicadash: I never made infect work well on digital ocean.
20:26:51@washort:greyface.orgdash therealwaphire: I haven't used nix on a really multi user system so in practice it hasn't mattered
20:27:13@therealwaphire:matrix.orgtherealwaphireI see
21:21:45@madveru:matrix.orgmanveru therealwaphire: generally i put stuff into system scope if i need it for all users or to use them as root, the rest is all in my user profile
16 Feb 2019
20:36:18@ardaxi:ardaxi.comArdaXi changed their profile picture.
17 Feb 2019
17:55:25@therealwaphire:matrix.orgtherealwaphireRedacted or Malformed Event
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18 Feb 2019
00:08:27@jugash:matrix.orgjugashRedacted or Malformed Event

I'm having a hard time doing a nixops deploy with acme certs. i keep getting an error on deploy like

host> Feb 17 18:02:10 <snip>: return OpenSSL.crypto.dump_certificate(self.typ, data.wrapped).strip() host> Feb 17 18:02:10 <snip>: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'wrapped'

00:09:59@jugash:matrix.orgjugash having a hard time figuring out what is causing this, i just have 2 minimal security.acme.certs."<my site>" declarations
00:10:12@jugash:matrix.orgjugashjust webroot and email
00:20:03@jugash:matrix.orgjugashunit-script-acme-<host>-pre-start seems to be the source of the error
00:25:23@jugash:matrix.orgjugashso it's pretty clear that it's not actually getting a certificate, hence the NoneType error, but it's not clear why
00:53:30@jugash:matrix.orgjugash also checked im not being rate-limited or anything, i have no idea what's going on, it doesnt seem to matter if i use enableAcme in a nginx vhost or use security.acme.certs i just can't get certs
00:58:39@jugash:matrix.orgjugashNo idea what the problem was but nixops destroy followed by nixops create fixed it

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