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17 Sep 2019
15:17:58@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsonwell not the best option perhaps
15:28:01@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsonlike some nix-instantiate --eval -E to get it out
nixos-option system.nixos.version


In reply to @jkarlson:matrix.org
nixos-version, I guess
* ```bashnixos-option system.nixos.version`?
17:00:54@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjsx * bashnixos-option system.nixos.version?
17:01:03@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjsx *
nixos-option system.nixos.version```?
17:01:15@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjsx *
nixos-option system.nixos.version?
17:01:19@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjsx *
nixos-option system.nixos.version
``` ?
17:01:22@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjsx *
nixos-option system.nixos.version


17:01:28@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjsx *
nixos-option system.nixos.version
17:01:36@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjsx *
nixos-option system.nixos.version


17:04:27@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsonis this better than nixos-version
17:05:05@evanjsx:matrix.orgevanjsxForgot that was a thing 😁 Not unless you want to query other nixos-options.
In reply to @washort:greyface.org
sure, if you're not trying to package stuff then just don't use --pure
If I don't use —pure then I may miss dependencies that are already present on my dev machine. I was trying to set up a dev environment while pinning the required deps at the same time
18:44:06@washort:greyface.orgdashright, for that write a nix expression that captures all your dependencies and load that with nix-shell as needed
21:22:15@naughtylus:matrix.orgNaughtylusThat's just it, I was trying to figure them out
18 Sep 2019
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19 Sep 2019
08:58:59@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil KarlsonWarning: the new NixOS configuration has an ‘init’ that is incompatible with the current configuration. The new configuration won't take effect until you reboot the system. warning: error(s) occurred while switching to the new configuration
17:51:03@bonhomme:matrix.neptune.onebonhomme set a profile picture.
08:59:07@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil KarlsonI get this and reboot does not help
09:00:11@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsoninside a container
09:09:49@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsonwould be super lovely, if I could just force install it
10:10:58@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsonon earlier template nixos-rebuild build -I nixos-config=./nix-vmhost.nix just does nothing
10:11:08@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsonbuilding Nix... building the system configuration...
10:11:17@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsonroot is not updated at all
10:11:26@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsonor no result is created on build
10:38:26@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsonanyone using containers with nixos at all?
10:38:30@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsondoes it work?
11:25:42@jkarlson:matrix.orgEmil Karlsonok oomkiller getting invoked
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