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11 Nov 2019
16:45:38@jyp:matrix.orgjypFrom the issue;
16:46:14@jyp:matrix.orgjypI don't quite understand what you mean with importing Trucks.hs
16:46:25@jyp:matrix.orgjypIs it simply "import Trucks" in main.hs?
16:46:45@earendil:matrix.orggregor-alexandru just module Main where\n import Trucks
16:47:59@earendil:matrix.orggregor-alexandrudo I have to build the project somehow for Main to see Trucks in src?
16:48:38@jyp:matrix.orgjypNot necessarily.
16:48:48@jyp:matrix.orgjyp(I am not using stack)
16:49:33@jyp:matrix.orgjypWhat you should do is to try it from the bare repl
16:49:49@jyp:matrix.orgjypDante is a thin ("stupid") layer on top of the repl
16:50:00@jyp:matrix.orgjyp(I imagine "stack repl"?)
16:50:10@earendil:matrix.orggregor-alexandruI am not using stack
16:50:22@earendil:matrix.orggregor-alexandrujust hpack
16:52:47@jyp:matrix.orgjypOk :) I am lagging behind with these things
16:53:09@earendil:matrix.orggregor-alexandru jyp: Ok so if I run ghci in the project root I get that error message
16:53:19@earendil:matrix.orggregor-alexandruIf I run it from the src folder I don't
16:53:22@jyp:matrix.orgjypAnyway --- try it with the suitable repl command
16:54:25@jyp:matrix.orgjypWhat command are you using exactly?
16:54:35@jyp:matrix.orgjypfor the repl?
16:55:28@earendil:matrix.orggregor-alexandrughci, which is available when I enter the my shell.nix environment with nix-shell
16:56:05@jyp:matrix.orgjypPresumably "cabal v2-repl" would be a better choice
16:56:20@jyp:matrix.orgjypor something like that
16:57:59@earendil:matrix.orggregor-alexandruOk interesting. It seems to work now, maybe because I used hpack to create a ar-project.cabal file from the package.yaml?
16:59:41@earendil:matrix.orggregor-alexandruI used haskellPackages.callCabal2nix to generate it ad-hoc for the nix-shell without creating the .cabal file, so they wouldn't get out of sync. Apparently that doesn't work. Anyway I'm happy it works now, I will close the github issue.
17:01:05@jyp:matrix.orgjyp👍️ glad you found a way to fix it
17:03:26@earendil:matrix.orggregor-alexandruThanks for your help!
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12 Nov 2019
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