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7 Mar 2021
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaI'm using oci-containers and podman, and according to nmap, mapping the container port to the host also seems to be opening a port in the firewall... Is it supposed to work that way?16:54:57
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@maertens:matrix.orgRien I have a php package that requires a tmp/ folder in the working dir, but I am currently using the package root (in the nix store) as working dir, so mounting something there seems like a no-go. Is there a way to link a bunch of files from the store to a directory on the system? 21:02:23
@maertens:matrix.orgRienI suppose I could write an initScript which could link all those files, but I think that must have been done already?21:04:22
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmica Rien: bind mount them in the correct place 21:07:28
@symphorien:xlumurb.eusymphorienSystemd tmpfiles L+ can do that21:07:33
@maertens:matrix.orgRienYou mean binding it in the nix store? Or binding the nix store in a environment directory?21:08:06
@maertens:matrix.orgRienAha, it seems to be the latter.21:11:55
@aharris:austin-harris.comaharris 21:23:12
@paperdigits:matrix.orgmicaYes, the latter21:26:25

I now have

    systemd.tmpfiles.rules = [
      "d	${workingdir}/tmp	0750	${user}	${group}	-	-"
      "L+	${workingdir}	-	-	-	-	${package}"

But it complains over the read-only filesystem, what am I doing wrong?

@maertens:matrix.orgRien Or should I add the tmp directory with a bind mount over that? 21:36:07
@symphorien:xlumurb.eusymphorienYou should symlink the children of the store path, not the store path itself21:39:28
@maertens:matrix.orgRienThe problem is, there are a few children and they can change over time21:40:57
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@maertens:matrix.orgRienI guess I'll make an init script iterating over these children and linking them.21:42:27
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8 Mar 2021
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