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25 Dec 2023
@klrtk:fawx.newsklrtk ⎇mostly fixed it with the above method18:39:29
@klrtk:fawx.newsklrtk ⎇still a bit tight, but possible to move with just my finger18:40:03
26 Dec 2023
@klrtk:fawx.newsklrtk ⎇
In reply to@klrtk:fawx.news
still a bit tight, but possible to move with just my finger
lol it's absolutely silky smooth and tactile now, I think that's how it's supposed to be
@klrtk:fawx.newsklrtk ⎇now I just need to write an HKDM config21:41:09
@klrtk:fawx.newsklrtk ⎇I'm actually not sure how to do that, doesn't seem like it's documented anywhere?22:09:05
@klrtk:fawx.newsklrtk ⎇https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/hkdm/-/merge_requests/522:09:05
@klrtk:fawx.newsklrtk ⎇this is the only lead I found22:09:46
@klrtk:fawx.newsklrtk ⎇welp, I had gpt-4 write a quick script for me instead, but it works really well22:23:18
@klrtk:fawx.newsklrtk ⎇it's not a button you'd accidentally press while the phone is in your pocket22:23:32
28 Dec 2023
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29 Dec 2023
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30 Dec 2023
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2 Jan 2024
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3 Jan 2024
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@_discord_688998644157775906:t2bot.iomrcyjanek Hi umm friend of mine is working on a remote cinema project, do you guys maybe have few minutes to do a little quiz? 09:40:21
@_discord_688998644157775906:t2bot.iomrcyjanek https://beast.limesurvey.net/869321?lang=en 09:40:22
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5 Jan 2024
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6 Jan 2024
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7 Jan 2024
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13 Jan 2024
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14 Jan 2024
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2 Feb 2024
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12 Feb 2024
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