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27 Jun 2022
@rich00:matrix.orgrich00It isn't nearly as popular but JS8call is another option which is more of a ragchew mode - you can have an actual conversation in it. It has multiple speed options. Basically the same encoding as FT8/4, but with a more open-ended message length and less structure. If you just want to rack up QSLs though FT8 is the way to go.21:43:30
@thelinuxninja:linuxninjalabs.comLinux Ninja | Ninja Tech Consulting, LLC
In reply to @Wells:libera.chat
But you have to keep on your toes with FT4... things move quick with it.
I noticed. First time I sat down to use it, FT4 was active, and I'd never used it before. Had to switch to FT8 to learn it. After that, FT4 traffic had gone away.
@thelinuxninja:linuxninjalabs.comLinux Ninja | Ninja Tech Consulting, LLCOnce all active stations were showing logged, I switched to the other time slice and worked those. By the time the sun came up, I'd worked all the overnighters, and new stations were coming online. By then, I needed breakfast.22:50:44
28 Jun 2022
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@Wells:libera.chatWells Linux Ninja: I managed to get a QSO from Australia last night in FT8, which isn't too shoddy from Florida. 12:59:28
@telegram_720925959:t2bot.ioLinux Ninja
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Linux Ninja: I managed to get a QSO from Australia last night in FT8, which isn't too shoddy from Florida.
I saw Australia CQing FD, along with New Zealand. Don't remember if I contacted that one.
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29 Jun 2022
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