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4 Jun 2023
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human but ;-; 04:50:24
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human i been sleeping early 04:50:47
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human i wanna stay up but i have nothing tp do 04:51:13
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human debate 04:51:21
@_discord_757477144820711474:t2bot.iofloof sleep 04:51:23
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human ;-; 04:51:52
@_discord_695845110453108738:t2bot.ioGrif (again) [Grey] I exist 04:52:24
@_discord_695845110453108738:t2bot.ioGrif (again) [Grey] prezz 04:52:30
@_discord_757477144820711474:t2bot.iofloof No you don't 04:52:37
@_discord_326436137218605058:t2bot.ioprezz bet 04:52:41
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human damn 04:52:46
@_discord_757477144820711474:t2bot.iofloof You're just a copy of the original Joey 04:52:47
@_discord_326436137218605058:t2bot.ioprezz are you doing game chat? Grif, Disciple of Nezarec 04:54:00
@_discord_695845110453108738:t2bot.ioGrif (again) [Grey] Yessir 04:54:58
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human rissey 04:55:22
@_discord_681580197774098442:t2bot.ioSERAPH (alt is sarge) im bored 04:56:28
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human nooo 😭 i got spolied in csm wttfff 04:56:29
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human hi bored 04:56:36
@_discord_681580197774098442:t2bot.ioSERAPH (alt is sarge) dont 04:56:42
@_discord_681580197774098442:t2bot.ioSERAPH (alt is sarge) i will spoil more of CSM for you 04:56:51
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human :D: 04:56:57
@_discord_681580197774098442:t2bot.ioSERAPH (alt is sarge) if you finish that sentance 04:56:57
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human no thank you ;-; 04:57:20
@_discord_681580197774098442:t2bot.ioSERAPH (alt is sarge) good 🙂 04:57:34
@_discord_681580197774098442:t2bot.ioSERAPH (alt is sarge) patpat 04:57:38
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human lkuytfrcf 04:57:41
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human no y the pats 😭 04:57:55
@_discord_695845110453108738:t2bot.ioGrif (again) [Grey] my ass is lagging so damn hard rn holy fuck 04:58:19
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human rip 04:59:35
@_discord_871024812527616051:t2bot.ioLumine The Dead Human pAiN. 05:03:20

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