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21 Oct 2021
@kvark:matrix.orgkvark I'll get the mac one sorted out. francesco.cattoglio do you need a patch release for this one? 14:30:45
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I just do WGPU_BACKEND=gl and run the framework examples
THat's the #[cfg(feature = "gl")] right?
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkno, that's the run-time selection of an adapter14:38:47
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I'll get the mac one sorted out. francesco.cattoglio do you need a patch release for this one?
No need for that, thanks!

Can I fetch maximum sample count for textures from adapter or it's hardcoded to be 4?

        if sample_count != 1 && sample_count != 4 {
            return Err(RenderPassErrorInner::InvalidSampleCount(sample_count));
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkHardcoded atm, that's the spec16:49:43
@mwelsh:matrix.orgmwelsh On DX12 backend, I'm getting a ID3D12CommandQueue::ExecuteCommandLists: Using ResourceBarrier on Command List (0x00000222289AE6C0:'_Transit'): Before state (0x0: D3D12_RESOURCE_STATE_[COMMON|PRESENT]) of resource (0x000002222877D200:'Unnamed ID3D12Resource Object') (subresource: 0) specified by transition barrier does not match with the state (0x400: D3D12_RESOURCE_STATE_COPY_DEST) specified in the previous call to ResourceBarrier -- trying to come up with a minimal repro but I believe it's something with my use of StagingBelt and mapped_at_creation: true. All is well in vulkan backend. What's a good way to debug this? Doing RUST_LOG=trace ATM to look at all of the barrier transitions 17:57:02
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkthat's our bug, just to be clear17:57:48
@mwelsh:matrix.orgmwelshty, I'll see if I can get a simple repro for you17:58:34
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Download image.png
@overlisted:matrix.orgoverlistedis this a bug in my gpu drivers?21:36:21
@overlisted:matrix.orgoverlisted * is this a bug in my gpu drivers?21:36:40
@kvark:matrix.orgkvark Wow, that's new.
Could be either!
@overlisted:matrix.orgoverlistedi'm gonna try to run those same examples in an x11 session and see what happens21:47:26
@overlisted:matrix.orgoverlistedit works perfectly fine!21:56:12
@overlisted:matrix.orgoverlistedso it's either a problem with winit's wl client, gnome's wl server or the amdgpu drivers21:56:39
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkPlease file it anyway23:19:11
22 Oct 2021
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Please file it anyway
idk how to reproduce this though
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@franciscotufro:matrix.orgfranciscotufroHi, my name is Francisco, I'm a game dev from Argentina. I'm working on a new project using Rust to move away from engines (the rest of the team is still on UE4), and would like to use wgpu for our games. I'd like to know if there's anyone around who can tell me if wgpu works on consoles. Switch supports Vulkan, so I think it shouldn't be too hard to get it working, but I was curious about PS4 and Xbox.18:52:33
@jasperrlz:matrix.orgjasperrlzIf you have access to console documentation, that should answer some of your questions.18:53:37
@jasperrlz:matrix.orgjasperrlzIf you don't, there's nothing we can say publicly, apologies.18:53:47
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkWe are very interested tho!19:04:34
@jasperrlz:matrix.orgjasperrlzYeah, I think everyone here would be interested in helping to ship wgpu on consoles. How the legal structure for that would work out, I don't really know. Keep in mind, there's no official support for Rust toolchains on consoles either.19:06:33
@jasperrlz:matrix.orgjasperrlzThough there are some people who have done it unofficially.19:06:51

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