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13 Jun 2022
@better_sleeping:converser.eu@better_sleeping:converser.eu left the room.17:50:35
14 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_UMZKQLDSN:matrix.orgJim Walseth Shift+Control to rotate is no longer working for me in JOSM on Mac OS. 04:42:31
@_slack_hotosm_U02REGSGN9G:matrix.orgPatrik_B Hi Jim Walseth, since the 18463 (latest version I believe), "Mac now uses instead of ctrl for most Select map mode actions (including Rotate and Scale)" https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Changelog#stable-release-22.05 05:44:38
@_slack_hotosm_UMZKQLDSN:matrix.orgJim Walseth Patrik_B I'll give that a try, thanks. 05:56:27
@vorpalblade77-kaart:matrix.orgTaylor SmockI tried to make the change for Mac's extremely user visible. Is there anything I could have done better to ensure that you would have noticed the change?12:41:26
@vorpalblade77-kaart:matrix.orgTaylor SmockFor the record, the primary reason for the change was so that Mac users could use a deselect box (⌘+left click'n'drag)12:43:45
@_slack_hotosm_U03C33Q7TEJ:matrix.orgDrew Roland Anyone having issues with HOT website not working right now? 13:39:54
@vorpalblade77-kaart:matrix.orgTaylor SmockWorks for me. Caveat: The OSM servers are under heavy load right now, so editing via RapiD/iD probably won't work.13:40:53
@_slack_hotosm_U03C33Q7TEJ:matrix.orgDrew Roland Is there a increase in mapping due to an event at the moment? 14:03:41
@vorpalblade77-kaart:matrix.orgTaylor SmockNot that I know of. They should be back up and running properly.14:19:54
@_slack_hotosm_U92CW2FFC:matrix.orgdk seems to be up again now 14:23:53
@_slack_hotosm_U92CW2FFC:matrix.orgdk https://twitter.com/OSM_Tech/status/1536714163505987584 14:24:24
@_slack_hotosm_U02M9AEEX3K:matrix.orgAngela Teyvi changed their profile picture.16:37:22
17 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_U03L46T8FK6:matrix.orgAlyssa Hammond joined the room.00:05:16
@_slack_hotosm_U03L46T8FK6:matrix.orgAlyssa Hammond changed their display name from _slack_hotosm_U03L46T8FK6 to Alyssa Hammond.00:05:17
@_slack_hotosm_U03KZ5EUF2R:matrix.orgGreg Fragin joined the room.01:55:59
@_slack_hotosm_U03KZ5EUF2R:matrix.orgGreg Fragin changed their display name from _slack_hotosm_U03KZ5EUF2R to Greg Fragin.01:55:59
@_slack_hotosm_U03KZ5EUF2R:matrix.orgGreg Fragin changed their profile picture.01:56:00
@_slack_hotosm_UE99K1ET0:matrix.orgssekitoleko How can I be able to upload data mapped with MapwithAl plugin in JOSM 12:47:44
@_slack_hotosm_ULPKSCD47:matrix.orgmartien Hi ssekitoleko https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Help/Plugin/MapWithAI Check out the paragraph Basic Usage. Step 5 describes how to upload. At least that is what i your question is about. 14:00:33
@_slack_hotosm_U03L5NV0A9Y:matrix.orgLale Pirlot joined the room.17:04:56
@_slack_hotosm_U031T9FKK1N:matrix.orgAmadou Roufaye Issaka https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ifad_sahel-united4land-ugcPost-6943647363102068736-Qrvg?utm_source=linkedin_share&utm_medium=android_app 23:14:51
18 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_UMZKQLDSN:matrix.orgJim Walseth Works fine. thanks Patrick. 23:58:28
19 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_U0377D2HG8Z:matrix.orgPanique changed their display name from Danique Konings to Panique.18:19:51
@_slack_hotosm_U0377D2HG8Z:matrix.orgPaniqueRedacted or Malformed Event18:19:51
20 Jun 2022
@_slack_hotosm_U02TZH4ET71:matrix.orgSangeeta B.C. joined the room.05:00:24
@_slack_hotosm_U02TZH4ET71:matrix.orgSangeeta B.C. changed their display name from _slack_hotosm_U02TZH4ET71 to Sangeeta B.C..05:00:25
@_slack_hotosm_U02TZH4ET71:matrix.orgSangeeta B.C. changed their profile picture.05:00:25
@_slack_hotosm_U03LCV5A7MJ:matrix.orgBiraj Maharjan joined the room.05:17:34
@_slack_hotosm_U03LCV5A7MJ:matrix.orgBiraj Maharjan changed their display name from _slack_hotosm_U03LCV5A7MJ to Biraj Maharjan.05:18:07

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