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1 Nov 2019
09:53:34@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkalso I guess hiding the ports if it's the default federation port by spec might make sense too
09:53:52@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkhelp welcome with the site - I unfortunately have very limited time to work on it these days :(
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ah yeah that is a bug in the fetcher/parser need to fix... basically well-known delegation is missing. once that is added will need to do a massive cleanup somehow :P
DNS record should work then?
09:56:23@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkyeah the whole server discovery should be implemented, well-known, srv, as per spec
09:56:51@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkso that someone can register a server based on matrix ID, not the actual synapse server location
09:57:15@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkit's not that it's difficult to do, just one of the many things not done :)
09:58:41@fenuks:sibnsk.netFеnикsI see. It's somewhere in python part of the code by any chance?
10:00:18@jaywink:federator.devjaywink Fеnикs: here: https://git.feneas.org/jaywink/federation/blob/master/federation/hostmeta/fetchers.py#L25 ... as you can see, it's relatively simplified currently :)
10:03:20@jaywink:federator.devjaywink(pr's welcome on github too btw https://github.com/jaywink/federation)
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2 Nov 2019
01:04:23@dansup:matrix.orgdansup jaywink: Oh I see, thanks for the response! Let me know when its fixed and I will re-add the-federation.info/pixelfed to https://pixelfed.org/join 😉
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08:09:03@strypey:matrix.orgstrypeyhi all
08:10:33@strypey:matrix.orgstrypeyJust wondering if there is a public Matrix or MUC room for Feneas, complimentary with the talk.feneas forum?
08:27:16@strypey:matrix.orgstrypeyFound the Matrix room, is there an MUC?
09:50:05@jaywink:federator.devjaywink hey strypey \o/ what is a MUC?
In reply to @dansup:matrix.org
jaywink: Oh I see, thanks for the response! Let me know when its fixed and I will re-add the-federation.info/pixelfed to https://pixelfed.org/join 😉
Will do. Wondering though why remove it while it's not fixed? The bug for registering new pixelfed servers was fixed some days ago, it's just data for some old registered pixelfed servers that needs mangling.
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hey strypey \o/ what is a MUC?
Multi-User Chat - group chat protocol on XMPP networks
10:47:40@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkWe should host an xmpp server and bridge at some point once someone gets around to do it
10:48:02@jaywink:federator.devjaywink(we == feneas, wrong room for this discussion really)
10:49:19@jaywink:federator.devjaywink (since the federation info isn't a feneas project yet at least)
3 Nov 2019
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4 Nov 2019
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5 Nov 2019
01:41:42@dansup:matrix.orgdansup jaywink: Because it lists pixelfed.social as a mastodon server, we use the same mastodon apis as pleroma yet they are listed properly.
6 Nov 2019
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12 Nov 2019
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