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20 Feb 2019
06:49:28@jaywink:feneas.orgJason RobinsonHey xuv! Thanks for the pr. Will check it ASAP 👍 Not actually sure the frontend tests were ever functional since bootstrapping the project with vue-cli. For sure would be nice to get something on that side too.
13:36:02@xuv:matrix.orgxuv Thanks. I saw afterwards that the tests for the frontend are empty and I'd be happy to help fix that at some point. This PR is probably very small. Maybe even not the best approach to fix the problem. But It's an opportunity for me to just dip my toes in the project and see if I could contribute on improving the UI. That's where I feel the most at ease.
13:40:48@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson👍 contributions for sure welcome! I just don't have the time to put into this as much as I would like. still working, will dig into the pr afterwards :)
16:03:54@xuv:matrix.orgxuvNo problem. I understand what it is to maintain an open source project on the side of a daily job. I work on these when I also have time between probjects at work. Which is the case right now. That's why I picked up your project :)
21:33:51@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson xuv: merged and deployed, thanks again
21:50:08@xuv:matrix.orgxuvRedacted or Malformed Event
21:52:50@xuv:matrix.orgxuv Jason Robinson: Thx a lot. Really great to see such a fast reaction. Really feel welcomed. I'll start doing some more incremental improvements on the UI then if you don't mind. I don't know if you have any preference on the processe. I could come with some mockups first. Or directly make some PR. If you also have things in the backlog you want to share regarding the UI, I'd be happy to have a look.
22:00:26@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson In general I'm welcome to all changes that improve the site. Of course on larger changes a quick mockup makes sense.
22:00:58@xuv:matrix.orgxuvMakes sense.
22:01:21@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson Just falling into bed in a bit. I'll check some ui focused issues tomorrow if there are some 👍
22:01:40@xuv:matrix.orgxuvNo rush. Have a good night.
24 Feb 2019
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1 Mar 2019
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4 Mar 2019
15:52:46@xuv:matrix.orgxuv Just a quick update for Jason Robinson
15:53:52@xuv:matrix.orgxuvI tried adding the Vuetify package to import Material UI components in the frontend. But probably tripped a few times on Webpack and other things. And I have not been able to stand up yet. Will keep digging though :)
15:56:35@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson Awesome xuv 👍 Looking forward to seeing the changes
9 Mar 2019
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16 Mar 2019
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17 Mar 2019
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19 Mar 2019
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25 Mar 2019
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