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27 Jun 2018
19:06:56@max:kamax.ioMaximus nope, that's what I planned on researching very soon to further progress the VoIP bridge
19:07:46@max:kamax.ioMaximus I know there isn't any which is super good and super easy
19:08:24@max:kamax.ioMaximusthere is not much love for VoIP in the java clients world
19:08:58@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordyeah I already saw that. WebRTC is even worse :/
19:09:22@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordthats why I am a bit sad about jitsi not having a lib for clients
19:11:02@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordonly sip lib I saw yet is https://github.com/ymartineau/peers but not sure if it is compatible and good enough
19:11:43@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordor well this link is the project page: http://peers.sourceforge.net/
19:12:41@max:kamax.ioMaximus well if you don't mind waiting a bit, I'll definitely need to get cracking on this at some point, I can help then
19:12:58@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordIt seems pretty easy to use too
19:13:53@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNord Maximus: no problem. :) This project is currently not too high on the TODO list so no problem with waiting ;)
19:14:51@max:kamax.ioMaximusAnd jitsi in what I need to integrate with too, so I should manage to find smth
19:15:25@max:kamax.ioMaximusif they have a SFU anyway, there should be enough to start with hopefully
19:18:14@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordPs just to note: there is a lib folder in the server source but if I am right thats not java in a way we search https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi/tree/master/lib
19:18:50@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordah nvm screw me thats the os bindings folder
19:21:06@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordbut their tests might help to understand if they do something special https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi/tree/master/test/net/java/sip/communicator/slick/protocol/sip
19:21:46@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordRedacted or Malformed Event
19:22:43* @MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNord is now afk
20:14:29@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNord Maximus: PS: one problem I am having with matrix is afaik they have a jitsi meet url inside the event and not a jitsi server adress inside the event
20:19:11@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordoh U just realised the ids in meet are conference room ids in sip :D
20:19:27@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordatleast 50% of the needed info
21:14:27@max:kamax.ioMaximusthere is no problem, the IPs were to send data are given during the signaling exchange (using SDP)
21:15:28@max:kamax.ioMaximus I'm guessing the SDP payload of each participant is forwarded to the others by the Jitsi server, and the clients handle the streamq
21:17:50@max:kamax.ioMaximusMTRNord (@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.net): ^
28 Jun 2018
07:21:15@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordAh ok :)
5 Oct 2018
19:38:21@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNord changed the room name to "Matrix Call Minecraft Mod (UNMAINTAINED)" from "Matrix Call Minecraft Mod".
16 Oct 2018
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25 Jan 2019
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