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20 Oct 2022
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21 Oct 2022
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@_discord_162263979274665984:t2bot.iorpavlik#1182 I didn't realize they could do this... weird... 14:28:41
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi for the people by the people my ass 14:45:06
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi * "for the people by the people" my ass 14:45:15
@_discord_195235210282008577:t2bot.ioSupreme#9828 are you essentially saying here that in XR you are allowed a larger margin of error in pose estimation that is essentially imperceptible to the user vs robotics? 14:47:54
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi not quite 14:50:30
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi in state estimation for robotics, your measurements can be very jittery and have sudden updates - that's fine and makes your robot's reaction time better 14:50:56
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi like eg. ORB_SLAM3 just instantly moves your head position when it performs a bundle adjustment 14:51:20
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi for head tracking for XR, it doesn't need to be accurate - it just needs to not make you sick 14:52:03
@_discord_195235210282008577:t2bot.ioSupreme#9828 oh, i guess that's what the paper was referring to when it was talking about the weight on inertial measurements, relying on the IMU more to avoid snapping to positions 14:54:01
@_discord_195235210282008577:t2bot.ioSupreme#9828 despite the measurement errors that come from relying on the IMU 14:54:32
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi functionally this means a lot of things. off the top of my head:
* relative trajectory error is a lot more important than absolute trajectory error - when you're in VR, you're not going to be paying attention to the environment, so the SLAM doesn't have to make something mm-consistent with the environment. ~centimeters are fine, basically the only consideration is if the guardian moves too much
* your per-frame nonlinear optimizer should prioritize smoothness over accuracy a bit more
* if the result of a bundle adjustment is "the head should actually be 3cm this way," you can't apply that transformation all at once - you have to very slowly lerp between the head's position within the old "wrong" map and the new map so that the user doesn't notice
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi and with less important things like controller/hand tracking, there's a fair bit more smoothing added on because it feels nice and it's hard to notice the 5ms extra latency there 14:55:58
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi physiologically this is because signals take ~milliseconds to travel through your body anyway, and the time difference between when you see your hand move irl and when you feel it move changes a little bit depending on how hydrated you are, your electrolyte level, etc 14:57:02
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi your brain is already tuned to just adapt to whatever the time difference between seeing and feeling happens to be, there's a lot of wiggle room for stuff that isn't your head 14:57:34
@_discord_195235210282008577:t2bot.ioSupreme#9828 i see 14:58:55
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi * for head tracking for XR, it doesn't need to be accurate - it just needs to provide a good experience. accuracy is part of the picture there but not the whole thing 14:59:01
@_discord_195235210282008577:t2bot.ioSupreme#9828 where do you learn all this stuff about pose estimation? 14:59:07
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi mostly lots of talking to people and searching the internet, along with having a math degree 14:59:41
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi a lot of the concepts taught in geometry, calculus and linear algebra actually map directly onto this type of stuff 15:01:11
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi some statistics as well 15:01:15
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi the other thing I'll say is get your hands dirty 15:01:33
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi eg. I spent months making my own optical calibration software for North Star that nobody uses, and I spent 4 months making the old_rgb hand tracking pipeline that nobody uses 15:02:20
@_discord_194175235598057473:t2bot.iomoshi they weren't directly useful to anything but I learned so much from it 15:02:34
@_discord_195235210282008577:t2bot.ioSupreme#9828 lol 15:02:48

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