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6 Nov 2021
@_discord_128906202523500545:t2bot.ioPsykill972#8715 if a dev is available to work on a MSI RTX 3000 controller, i can give all the caps needed, it's time to get those GPU direct mode ( sold since 1 year ) 🙂 10:36:33
@_discord_273492454441746435:t2bot.ioGrainbox joined the room.11:40:11
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@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 I would cover the 3070ti of the same 13:58:06
@_discord_293469042428215297:t2bot.ioJesperbx16v joined the room.14:22:57
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 DrNo hey it could be me but the effects plugin keeps having it's profile wiped on this build 14:46:36
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.ioDrNo Are you saving it? 14:46:55
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 yes 14:46:58
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 and just now to be sure 14:47:02
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 i explicitly saved it as a different name then the default (which it was also saved under) 14:47:26
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 the result was BOTH blanked 14:47:32
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 instantly 14:47:34
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 was watching the files when it did it 14:48:24
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.ioDrNo file size 0 is a concern 14:48:37
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 it should have ended up with two profiles with identical names 14:48:39
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 i figured if the bug hit the default profile name i would simply be able to load a non default name 14:49:03
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 silly me lol 14:49:07
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 when i first looked the conf was blanked yesterday morning at the exact time i tested out the last bins 14:49:48
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 so far these two have done that 14:50:20
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 im going to recreate once more 14:50:44
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 and then see if your verbose logging sees anything 14:50:52
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.ioDrNo I'm on latest head and it's working here but then it could be a Windows vs Linux thing also 14:50:55
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 yeah its busted lol 14:53:36
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 weird 14:53:38
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 i can screen share with you if you'd like 14:53:39
@_discord_176686431329189888:t2bot.ioDrNo morg any reason why saving the effect profile would create the file but not add any content?? 14:53:42
@_discord_381517541614419969:t2bot.ioDOTTAT 🦀 teamviewer etc 14:53:42

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