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29 Jan 2023
@_discord_108550919641153536:t2bot.iodbx10#8732 changed their display name from dbx10 to dbx10#8732.04:06:25
@_discord_416234515275710474:t2bot.ioKuraikage did an firmware update to my steelseries arctis 5 headset and lights cant be controlled with openrgb anymore 10:45:50
@_discord_416234515275710474:t2bot.ioKuraikage anyone mind taking a look? 10:45:58
@_discord_416234515275710474:t2bot.ioKuraikage It would be easy if I knew how to do it 20:22:12
@_discord_416234515275710474:t2bot.ioKuraikage Sure one sec 20:24:31
@_discord_416234515275710474:t2bot.ioKuraikage It appears as vid 1038 pid 12aa 20:25:31
@_discord_416234515275710474:t2bot.ioKuraikage The thing is that it gets detected 20:26:00
@_discord_416234515275710474:t2bot.ioKuraikage Just doesnt seitch colors 20:26:04
30 Jan 2023
@_discord_785311062714613781:t2bot.ioMono changed their display name from Mono to Mono#2645.03:37:17
@_discord_785311062714613781:t2bot.ioMono changed their display name from Mono#2645 to Mono.03:37:44
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates hey guys ive solved zotac 4090 writing operations and its working controller etc. everything is ready on openrgb. except reading. how can i read? can anyone help 19:15:06
Download image.png
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates i have no idea how to read the values, i can only set them 19:15:48
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 Like read from hardware or what are you asking? 19:17:30
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates yes 19:17:48
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates reading nvapi does not mean anything 19:18:00
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates I couldnt write read from device method 19:24:03
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 Which commands are you using? 19:27:22
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 EVGA Ampere loads from hardware FYI. 19:27:36
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates actually i even cant read with i2cget because i have no idea where to look 19:29:28
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 Are you using the illumination commands? 19:30:13
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates actually the problem is i couldnt decode the nvapispy reads 19:37:33
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates its not same as the write commands 19:43:57
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates isnt it supposed to be same 19:44:47
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates https://gitlab.com/rbcetin/OpenRGB/-/compare/master...master?from_project_id=10582521 this is my branch 19:45:34
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates if its okay to have it without read 19:56:33
@_discord_195665325654540288:t2bot.iokatates we can merge this 19:56:40
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 FYI, I suggest developing on a feature branch and not your master branch. 20:10:27
@_discord_321044903029374976:t2bot.iobluu#2284 changed their profile picture.20:16:06
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.ioTheRogueZeta#0120 See the illumination controller. You may just need to add your ID to the detector. 20:31:03

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