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27 Nov 2018
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28 Nov 2018
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29 Nov 2018
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30 Nov 2018
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6 Dec 2018
09:38:58@gitter_pierreedelman_twitter:matrix.orgpierre edelman (Gitter) joined the room.
09:38:59@gitter_pierreedelman_twitter:matrix.orgpierre edelman (Gitter) Hi Mark, TX for great app. I use the Dropbox version to sync with GTD Sync with todo.txt'
09:41:15@gitter_pierreedelman_twitter:matrix.orgpierre edelman (Gitter)Is there a way to define the folder there instead of Dropbox/ ?
21:12:50@gitter_mpcjanssen:matrix.orgMark Janssen (Gitter) @PierreEdelman_twitter if you login with full folder access it should be possible. Open the correct location from menu -> open Todo file
7 Dec 2018
08:08:26@gitter_pierreedelman_twitter:matrix.orgpierre edelman (Gitter) Mark, I have a pop up "/
08:09:30@gitter_pierreedelman_twitter:matrix.orgpierre edelman (Gitter) Todo.txt" then nothing happens when I select one of the other. What is 'logging in with full folder access'?
17:10:25@gitter_mpcjanssen:matrix.orgMark Janssen (Gitter) @PierreEdelman_twitter when you login into Dropbox you have two options. One is full access, the other is folder access. You need the first option.
8 Dec 2018
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10 Dec 2018
22:42:49@vizionzproject:matrix.orgvizionzprojectRedacted or Malformed Event
22:48:29@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17 vizionzproject: What is that?
22:49:04@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17I removed it; it looked malicious
22:50:02@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17It looked like code to MITM some of the guardian project's apps
22:56:46@vizionzproject:matrix.orgvizionzprojectIt was and i was messing around
22:57:05@vizionzproject:matrix.orgvizionzprojectOm beta testing
23:12:38@smichel17:matrix.orgsmichel17Okay. That's fine. Not sure the simpletask room is the best place for that, though :P
11 Dec 2018
00:35:08@vizionzproject:matrix.orgvizionzproject Well you never know what my slightly crazy mind might come across in my journeys. I'm only on a LG Stylo 3 at the moment but I'll be receiving my Galaxy Note 9 tomorrow and I plan on taking it as far as I can go.
13:57:52@mpcjanssen:matrix.orgmpcjanssen vizionzproject: please use some other place to play around.
15:32:32@gitter_h2j0e:matrix.orgh2j0e (Gitter) joined the room.
15:32:34@gitter_h2j0e:matrix.orgh2j0e (Gitter)Sorry if this is a dumb question
15:35:52@gitter_h2j0e:matrix.orgh2j0e (Gitter) set a profile picture.
15:35:53@gitter_h2j0e:matrix.orgh2j0e (Gitter)Can I view simple notes (from android app) on my Ubuntu laptop? Either cloud or otherwise?
15:55:23@gitter_h2j0e:matrix.orgh2j0e (Gitter)I have
14 Dec 2018
19:17:44@freenode_smichel_:matrix.orgsmichel_ joined the room.

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