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17 Apr 2021
@firefrommoonlight:matrix.orgfirefrommoonlightMaybe just not connect the button on production where you only expect to flash it once01:51:52
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreighow about if you using --connect-under-reset?01:52:04
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreighmm, that doesn't seem right, wonder if it's a bug in probe-rs or something01:52:25
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigeven in st-link?01:52:30
@firefrommoonlight:matrix.orgfirefrommoonlightNot sure; Im' figuring this out as I go01:52:39
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigboot0 is a useful get out of jail free card but all it does is change what code it starts running after reset01:52:48
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigbut the --connect-under-reset takes effect before that even happens and stops the core before it executes anything, so at least in principle it should work regardless of power-saving mode01:53:07
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreignot saying you're wrong, wouldn't be the first weird thing here and I always leave boot0 exposed for this and other reasons01:53:25
@firefrommoonlight:matrix.orgfirefrommoonlightIt certainly could be something else01:53:35
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigjust that it sounds surprising that it would need it01:53:37
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigusually I just leave boot0 pulled to 0V with a 10k resistor01:53:52
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigand then you can short it to 3v3 manually to recover01:53:57
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigrather than a button etc01:54:00
@firefrommoonlight:matrix.orgfirefrommoonlightI figured connect-under-reset would solve it too; IIRC that's its purpose01:54:09
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigespecially convenient if you position the 10k resistor next to a 3v3 pad (like on a decoupling cap) so it's just a pad-to-pad short with tweezers01:54:19
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigmake sure you actually have reset wired from the probe to the target :p 01:54:33
@firefrommoonlight:matrix.orgfirefrommoonlightI have it pulled down with a 10k resistor; was able to pull high with a loose wire soldered on, then touched to an exposed VCC01:54:43
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigyea, exactly01:54:50
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigif you have metallic tweezers often they're a convenient and solder-free way to do this01:55:01
@firefrommoonlight:matrix.orgfirefrommoonlightThat sounds like a better idea01:55:14
@firefrommoonlight:matrix.orgfirefrommoonlightjust need to pull it until power on01:55:19
@adamgreig:matrix.orgadamgreigyea, or pulse reset while pulling it, via programmer or a reset button or whatever01:55:35
@firefrommoonlight:matrix.orgfirefrommoonlightI'll experiment more - curious why connect-under-reset isn't doing it, and why I need boot0 high01:55:56
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18 Apr 2021
@thalesfragoso:matrix.orgthalesfragoso dirbaio the peripherals in the stm32-data aren't the ones we will use, right ? I mean in the chips yaml 01:45:02
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaioNot dure what you mean, they're all the periperals, but nly the ones that match to a regs yaml have the "block" key 09:11:50

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