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20 Jan 2021
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaio in bootloader mode I get Operation timed out
in normal mode I get Command failed with status SwdDpWait
so it's doing something at least
@freenode_agg:matrix.orgaggWell, I guess you can use the bootloader to load new firmware :p03:02:13
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaioyea that's what I'm trying ;D03:03:48
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiocan't find any info on how to use the usb bootloader tho :O03:04:05
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiotrying the uart03:04:07
@freenode_agg:matrix.orgagg dirbaio: I have some instructions on https://github.com/adamgreig/ffp/tree/master/firmware 03:12:42
@freenode_agg:matrix.orgaggBasically use cargo-objcopy to get the .bin and dfu-util to flash it03:12:56
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaioah, dfu-util :D03:14:19
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiois it possible to just mass-erase? 03:14:36
@thalesfragoso:matrix.orgthalesfragosoHmm, I'm always able to save it on the bootloader mode through swd03:18:40
@thalesfragoso:matrix.orgthalesfragosoTried openocd ?03:18:45
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiothanks for the instructions agg :D03:22:56
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaio dfu-util -a 0 -s 0x08000000:mass-erase:force 03:22:59
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaioand it's back03:23:00
@thalesfragoso:matrix.orgthalesfragosoAlso, try cargo flash in bootloader but without the reset maybe ?03:23:29
@thalesfragoso:matrix.orgthalesfragosoIf next time...03:23:39
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiotried in bootloader and in no-bootlaoder, with and without reset03:24:12
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiousing probe-run, not cargo-flash, but it should be the sam03:24:34
@xoviat:matrix.orgxoviatoh, have you seen that the embassy build is failing? there's a dependency conflict with rtic03:25:05
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaioand yep it's definitely the wfe that kills it, killed it again03:25:08
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaioyeah I don't know what's up with that, will check asap03:25:22
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiowait now probe-run does work to recover from a wfe-brick if I switch it to bootloader mode03:27:01
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaioI must've fucked up the wiring the first time or something03:27:15
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaio I think it's simply that --connect-under-reset is broken in probe-run OR my stlink is jank 03:28:30
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaioit doesn't work even when not bricked03:28:37
In reply to @dirbaio:matrix.org
if I wanted to see the list of irqs for stm32f411 how'd I do it?
its in the reference manual ;) this is something that really bothered me with the NRFs… they do not list their vector table anywhere in the docs

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