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16 May 2019
22:17:16@lucasfreitas1:matrix.org@lucasfreitas1:matrix.org left the room.
22 May 2019
13:08:48@chrisgascal:matrix.orgEfeu / Ivy (NBG-DE) changed their display name from Chris (NBG-DE) to Efeu / Yvi (NBG-DE).
13:09:20@chrisgascal:matrix.orgEfeu / Ivy (NBG-DE) changed their display name from Efeu / Yvi (NBG-DE) to Efeu / Ivy (NBG-DE).
25 May 2019
04:47:47@altavista:matrix.org@altavista:matrix.org joined the room.
04:47:52@altavista:matrix.org@altavista:matrix.org left the room.
28 May 2019
15:56:33@tiffanymwr15:matrix.orgTiffany changed their profile picture.
2 Jun 2019
19:20:28@isou:matrix.orgfeline (NBG-DE) changed their profile picture.
20:45:20@lip.v.activism:matrix.orgBlue NBG-DE changed their profile picture.
20:48:21@lip.v.activism:matrix.orgBlue NBG-DE changed their profile picture.
3 Jun 2019
08:33:08@isou:matrix.orgfeline (NBG-DE) changed their display name from Isabel (NBG-DE) to feline (NBG-DE).
08:33:13@isou:matrix.orgfeline (NBG-DE) changed their profile picture.
18:07:17@jenifer_269:matrix.orgJamie (NBG-DE) changed their display name from Jenifer (NBG-DE) to Jamie (NBG-DE).
8 Jun 2019
07:13:57@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)Is it my fault or is our website not online, anymore?
07:23:19@chrisgascal:matrix.orgEfeu / Ivy (NBG-DE)I accessed it about 3 or 4 ays ago, if it emeber correctly. But it seems to be down, yes. 🤔
07:23:26@chrisgascal:matrix.orgEfeu / Ivy (NBG-DE)I remember *
07:30:24@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)Hmm not good. I try to contact @Jörg Hartmann
11 Jun 2019
04:36:19@sophriee:matrix.orgSophie changed their display name from sophriee to Sophie.
14 Jun 2019
15:06:57@lip.v.activism:matrix.orgBlue NBG-DE changed their display name from Lip NBG-DE to Blue NBG-DE.
21 Jun 2019
22:04:41@eline:matrix.orgPilea (NBG-DE) changed their display name from Eline (NBG-DE) to Pilea (NBG-DE).
1 Jul 2019
12:18:29@unnofensiveanimal:matrix.org@unoffensiveanimal:matrix.org joined the room.
7 Jul 2019
09:46:43@tamynbg-de:matrix.orgTam (NBG-DE) changed their display name from Täm (NBG-DE) to Tam (NBG-DE).
16 Jul 2019
12:36:18@solcyn:matrix.orgFram (NBG-DE) changed their display name from Cynthia (NBG-DE) to Fram (NBG-DE).
8 Aug 2019
23:15:25@masha.zelen:matrix.orgmasha.zelen changed their profile picture.
16 Aug 2019
18:49:37@catdawg:matrix.orgCat joined the room.
18:50:13@catdawg:matrix.orgCat changed their profile picture.
24 Aug 2019
19:16:40@ecerinmi5:matrix.org@ecerinmi5:matrix.org joined the room.
19:16:57@ecerinmi5:matrix.org@ecerinmi5:matrix.org left the room.
2 Nov 2019
07:42:14@janvlug:matrix.org@janvlug:matrix.org joined the room.
5 Nov 2019
16:05:28@janvlug:matrix.org@janvlug:matrix.org left the room.
8 Nov 2019
04:27:18@tiffanymwr15:matrix.orgTiffany changed their profile picture.

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