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23 Mar 2021
@toast00:matrix.org@toast00:matrix.org@room 21:53:56
@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)Hey Toast21:56:19
@toast00:matrix.org@toast00:matrix.orgHttps://beast.chat is a homeserver of animal abusers and rapists21:56:59
@toast00:matrix.org@toast00:matrix.orgWe must take them down21:57:10
@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)Hm i cant open it22:00:43
In reply to @mrrawmampf:matrix.org
Hm i cant open it
You can only access it if you register on that homeserver via Element
@toast00:matrix.org@toast00:matrix.orgSo instead of @[username]:matrix.org you sign up as @[username]:beast.chat22:04:07
@toast00:matrix.org@toast00:matrix.org* So instead of @[username]:matrix.org you sign up as @[username]:beast.chat22:04:17
@toast00:matrix.org@toast00:matrix.orgAnd this is the biggest network of animal rapists in the world22:04:44
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24 Mar 2021
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8 Apr 2021
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9 Apr 2021
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19 May 2021
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31 May 2021
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21 Jun 2021
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22 Jun 2021
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29 Jun 2021
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3 Jul 2021
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21 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021
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17 Aug 2021
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21 Aug 2021
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7 Sep 2021
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23 Sep 2021
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27 Sep 2021
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17 Oct 2021
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