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3 Feb 2019
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4 Feb 2019
16:31:18@joloco:matrix.orgjolocoHi all, I was surprised not to get any response about the outreach website platform! As we're discussing ordering cards, perhaps this is a good time to discuss what's on them? Some I've seen contain a multitude of different links, which can be confusing. The benefit of using the platform is that the information can be presented in the visitor's language, relevant to their country, and can be updated with new resources as they appear (new news articles, for example) – which can't be done with a card, of course.
16:32:31@joloco:matrix.orgjolocoHere in Groningen we've really simplified our cards. We still list a few documentaries and Challenge 22+, but the main thing on the card now is the website. It's a much clearer design, and we think it makes it easier for the people we outreach to to take the next step and start learning more about the topic.
16:33:51@chrisgascal:matrix.orgChris (NBG-DE) Liberation Nürnberg does not use outreach card's as if now. In part because of legal requirements in Bavaria and because of some internal changes we are going through
16:34:59@joloco:matrix.orgjolocoOh that's interesting (and a shame too!) the government classifies them as advertising flyers, or similar?
16:35:55@joloco:matrix.orgjolocoOne thing we've noticed is that lots of people take a photo of the cube, and then walk away. So we're considering making small signs with the domain name on, to attach to the front of the laptops, so even people who don't get to talk to us will become aware of the website
In reply to @joloco:matrix.org
Here in Groningen we've really simplified our cards. We still list a few documentaries and Challenge 22+, but the main thing on the card now is the website. It's a much clearer design, and we think it makes it easier for the people we outreach to to take the next step and start learning more about the topic.
I liked the UK version of the website and I would definitely put it on cards. I think the current cards I’ve seen have too many links which might put people off. So I think it’s a great idea and the site is easy to use and is relevant
16:37:46@chrisgascal:matrix.orgChris (NBG-DE)


We have our suggested websites , documentaries and so on on a laminated poster. Interested people can take a photo of it, if they want to check out our suggestions.

Also, we dont really advertise - our- website during outreach.

16:40:57@joloco:matrix.orgjoloco tofusteve: Thanks Steve! That's the right idea, so many cards are just a confusing list of links. (And the AV website is hopeless! Not that I expect Melbourne to approve use of the site on their cards…)
16:41:11@joloco:matrix.orgjolocoI want it to be a community-led project, so someone from the UK can manage the UK pages, if there's a willing volunteer!
16:43:12@tofusteve:matrix.orgtofusteve I agree the AV website isn’t very good at all. I’m in the UK so I’d consider volunteering to keep that page up to date, but I’m not sure I’d know what to do technically.
16:43:37@joloco:matrix.orgjoloco Chris (NBG-DE): Ah that's a good idea, I like that. The idea behind the one single outreach-focussed website is so that people have one place to go to, rather than a list of sites, videos to search for, etc. (One risk of suggesting people search for videos on YouTube is that they might instead watch a video debunking the one we want them to watch, instead!). Also the language thing – the site detects the visitor's language and shows the right one (if we have it), which is another potential barrier.
16:44:18@joloco:matrix.orgjoloco tofusteve: The beauty of the platform is that no technical knowledge is needed to manage the content! There's an admin interface which makes it all simple. If you can use a computer, you can manage this :)
5 Feb 2019
09:18:27@tofusteve:matrix.orgtofusteve I’m happy to keep the UK site updated then.
14:16:57@joloco:matrix.orgjolocoGreat! Send me a message via the contact form at https://animalsfree.eu/en-gb/contact-us-27 with your email address, and I'll set up an admin account for you 👍🏽
14:17:46@joloco:matrix.orgjolocoOr send it via private chat on here, which I've just this minute realised exists… 😊
7 Feb 2019
13:40:26@solcyn:matrix.orgCynthia (NBG-DE) changed their display name from Cynthia to Cynthia (NBG-DE).
11 Feb 2019
16:24:17@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)

I like your ideas!
I'll throw in two other topics that we need to discuss.

  1. For several months we need a new active member in here who takes care of our website! Better two new ones (to split power). Please ask around and report here (this should be done the next month)!

  2. I have asked several times for new administrators and moderators. Now is the time that we need several new ones. I will emigrate to Indonesia in early March. Very minimalistic and with little money and no plan. Only my two bags and me. I can not and no longer want to live in such an environment as Germany. I will live there for about 2 to 3 months in solitude, in the jungle. Then I will build a new life, after what I feel like. Maybe someday I'll found Liberation Asia, but I do not know it yet. Therefore, I will resign at the latest by the end of February as an administrator of this chat here.
    Liberation Stuttgart! is also in a new kind of phase. I've done a lot in our group, another much organizing member has left our group in the last days. Most of our group do not want to take responsibility. Everyone has until the beginning of March time the future of Liberation Stuttgart! to reshape, fewl participate. Just so you know that there may be a change in the future.
    Please report yourself as new administrator and moderator! We are looking forward to a discussion. We need MINIMUM one human to be an Admin of this chat! More according to the bylaws!

Please discuss about this! Time gets empty, slowly. We have one voluntary for the Admin position, @Chris. More would be better, because we're non hierarchy. And we need someone for our website. Votings for the admin position will start in over one (maybe 1.5 weeks) week... greetings to all you earthlings!

12 Feb 2019
08:02:25@jinroh87:matrix.orgjinroh87 joined the room.
12:59:05@tofusteve:matrix.orgtofusteveI would be happy to be admin for this chat group. I’d consider being admin for the website if there is an easy to use admin tool for it. By the way Manu what a great idea to go on this journey to Asia! It will be fantastic.
14:06:15@chrisgascal:matrix.orgChris (NBG-DE) please don't take this personal, but I would prefer chat-admins to be part of a local group affiliated with the collective .

(Something we could easily circumvent by you/your group applying for membership, which would trigger the collective to vote on your request. I know, I know ... "bureaucracy much". How else could we prevent "strangers" taking over our main communication medium?)

For all new people in this chat-room. Here is our "manual" on how we decide on stuff: http://handbook.liberation.network/

Also, did we ever settle on the "how many Admins" question? As far as I remember Alex left and wanted to transfer his role as quick as possible. Not that we had much need of an admin anywas, but still... I would propose each affiliated group to nominate somebody within their own ranks. That way we distribute the "power" evenly among all groups.

On that account, Jörg Hartmann is still in charge of the collectives Website. Is it (the map) up to date?

Inter-group communication has been slow (if not none-extistant) for a couple of months now. At least here on Riot.
14:32:32@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)

Thank you Chris! I like all what you wrote.

We didnt discussed the "how many admins" question, but for me, one is a hierarchy.

Yes, Jörg is in charge of the website but less active, so its not up to date (Essen isnt on the map, still) . I wrote him some time about it. But yeah this is why he want to give it up.

The one who want to administrate the website needs programming and webmaster skills, its not that easy. Or we get another host with a more easy structure but i think we have other topics to discuss, first.

14:51:52@tofusteve:matrix.orgtofusteve Ok no offence, it makes sense it should be someone from an affiliated group who does the admin etc. Right my group is still forming so I won’t apply just yet. I need to organise some actions and the podcast first!
14:53:56@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)Sounds good tofusteve! Where are you from? Which group?
14:54:37@tofusteve:matrix.orgtofusteve I’m in Scotland. The group is called Liberation 2030.
14:57:38@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)Redacted or Malformed Event
14:58:29@mrrawmampf:matrix.orgManu (Stgt)Niice! Would like to hear how you activists doing there. But please, heroes, talk about the topics, first!
16 Feb 2019
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