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2 Dec 2023
@edgar.vincent:matrix.orgedgar.vincentWIth pleasure!23:08:06

but yeah I'd love to see some screenshots from your config

@edgar.vincent:matrix.orgedgar.vincent * I use it with Prot's modus themes -- suddenly, it's not about beautification anymore. I can't even see it. It just makes everything more pleasant without me even noticing.23:08:27

also I'd like to know more about which languages you use it for, e.g. do you use prism-whitespace-mode too?

@edgar.vincent:matrix.orgedgar.vincentI really just it for Emacs Lisp.23:08:56
@edgar.vincent:matrix.orgedgar.vincent * I really use it just for Emacs Lisp.23:09:09

ah ok

@edgar.vincent:matrix.orgedgar.vincent(and Lisps in general)23:09:41
@edgar.vincent:matrix.orgedgar.vincentPerhaps it is particularly good for Lisps. I'm sure there's a neurological reason for that :)23:10:37
@edgar.vincent:matrix.orgedgar.vincentI use it for Nix expressions too, actually, and it's equally good for it.23:11:16
@edgar.vincent:matrix.orgedgar.vincentAnyway, I've never been in a context where prism.el felt "off".23:11:52
3 Dec 2023
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@chda:matrix.orgp00fis there a write up on how to write a treesit major mode?06:04:19
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is there a write up on how to write a treesit major mode?
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4 Dec 2023
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@gekoke:envs.netgekokehow can I configure evil such that visiting dired buffers isn't added to the jump list?22:12:37
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I wonder, how would I check version? I'm installing with elpaca
M-x elpaca-info and choose the package you're interested in. There will be a commit section with the hash of the commit the package is on.
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