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15 May 2021
@glowy:glowers.clubGlowy [BOT]Error occurred during "!img 2 white people getting married"12:27:41
@q:glowers.clubq!img white people wedding12:27:52
@glowy:glowers.clubGlowy [BOT]white people wedding.jpg
Download white people wedding.jpg
@q:glowers.clubq!img funny ass meme12:28:24
@glowy:glowers.clubGlowy [BOT]funny ass meme.jpg
Download funny ass meme.jpg
@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17!img mostly peaceful protests12:36:29
@glowy:glowers.clubGlowy [BOT]mostly peaceful protests.jpg
Download mostly peaceful protests.jpg
@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17Totally nailed this one, too.12:36:53
@q:glowers.clubq!img george floyd gaming12:39:06
@glowy:glowers.clubGlowy [BOT]george floyd gaming.png
Download george floyd gaming.png
@q:glowers.clubqlmao he was a career criminal who put a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach12:39:34
@q:glowers.clubqHis life didn't matter12:39:45
@q:glowers.clubqAlso he said he couldn't breathe before police touched him 👼12:40:08
@q:glowers.clubqJury was mostly non-white and women who threw an innocent man in prison because they feared a BLM riot being given a pass by police to kill them in their homes after the trial if they didn't :)12:40:49
@q:glowers.clubq!img funny banana meme13:14:51
@glowy:glowers.clubGlowy [BOT]funny banana meme.jpg
Download funny banana meme.jpg
@q:glowers.clubq!img angry food meme13:14:56
@glowy:glowers.clubGlowy [BOT]angry food meme.jpg
Download angry food meme.jpg
16 May 2021
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioHTML is my favourite programming language ;) changed their display name from Devanagri is fake and gay and Hindi is a communist Newspeak to HTML is my favourite programming language ;).04:51:12
@smile:t2bot.ioSmile Bot:)18:53:50
@q:glowers.clubq!img penguin with a gun21:00:04
@glowy:glowers.clubGlowy [BOT]penguin with a gun.jpg
Download penguin with a gun.jpg
@q:glowers.clubq!img hassle doctrine21:00:28
@glowy:glowers.clubGlowy [BOT]hassle doctrine.jpg
Download hassle doctrine.jpg
17 May 2021
@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17Is that a bat skeleton hanging in front of the door?02:03:19
@picme:matrix.orgpicme joined the room.13:03:54
18 May 2021
@6f-e-l-i-x-6-t-h-y-6-c-a-t:tchncs.de@6f-e-l-i-x-6-t-h-y-6-c-a-t:tchncs.de joined the room.00:56:21
@6f-e-l-i-x-6-t-h-y-6-c-a-t:tchncs.de@6f-e-l-i-x-6-t-h-y-6-c-a-t:tchncs.de left the room.00:57:36

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