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2 Aug 2020
@1awtumleef:matrix.orgacxzah kk21:12:42
@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&AdamThis is all in reference to the twitter thread over on Viral's twitter page about problems with slack.21:13:14
@dlakelan:matrix.orgDaniel LakelandI feel an Xzibit meme coming on... 21:13:27
@1awtumleef:matrix.orgacxzyeah this room isn't used a lot, compared to the gitter room since this is matrix only and no one has bridged any services to it, while the gitter room has like 3 or 4 bridges 21:13:30
@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&AdamI was agitating for matrix as a replacement with the option of setting up the matrix-slack bridge to let people try it out, but mose said there was already one bridged.21:14:02
@1awtumleef:matrix.orgacxzyeah a bridge that doesnt really work afaik 21:14:34
@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&AdamThe gitter-matrix bridge works fine. And the gitter-slack bridge just seems to poop out every couple months and need a couple kicks from oxinabox.21:15:24
@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&AdamOne thing that would help this room's discoverability is if somebody on the matrix.org homeserver could add an alias to it. Possibly #julia:matrix.org?21:15:55
@1awtumleef:matrix.orgacxzwhy would u want that?21:16:28
@1awtumleef:matrix.orgacxzthat would just split the community further imo 21:16:37
@1awtumleef:matrix.orgacxzfix the current problems and argue more with mose than starting a faction21:16:54
@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adammeh. I'm on matrix anyway. Would be happy to chat with Julia people here regardless of whether it's the main bunch or a faction.21:17:45
@dlakelan:matrix.orgDaniel LakelandAs someone who's new to matrix, I really don't understand which room is which and how they're connected, it seems very nebulous to me, so I just subscribed to this room, and also julialang/julia21:17:48
@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adam #gitter_julialang=2Fjulia:matrix.org is a portal room that's automatically created by the matrix.org homeserver's gitter bridge so that matrix users can join any gitter room. This room is just a plain matrix room bridged nowhere that was manually created by somebody. 21:18:39
@1awtumleef:matrix.orgacxz i guess yeah we free to do what we want.
Daniel Lakeland lol yeah im in both as well
@dlakelan:matrix.orgDaniel LakelandHere's my question, is there somewhere that I can see what's up in the julia slack from matrix?21:20:22
@1awtumleef:matrix.orgacxzyou can see that from the matrix room that is bridged with gitter, not this one.21:20:56
@1awtumleef:matrix.orgacxzsince the gitter itself is bridged with slack and zulip21:21:16
In reply to @1awtumleef:matrix.org
you can see that from the matrix room that is bridged with gitter, not this one.
Note that this is only for the one specific slack room that has the bridge setup in it. It's not a very active slack room compared to others.
@mortenpi:matrix.orgmortenpi should we just bridge this to Slack's #general-bridged and make this the definitive Julia room on Matrix? 21:29:08
@1awtumleef:matrix.orgacxzIs the general-bridged the slack channel?21:30:38
@mortenpi:matrix.orgmortenpi slack has #general and #general-bridged, and the latter one is bridged 21:31:11
@mortenpi:matrix.orgmortenpijust to Gitter I guess21:31:15
@mortenpi:matrix.orgmortenpi oh, no, #general-bridged is also bridged to some IRC somewhere 21:32:01
@mortenpi:matrix.orgmortenpi * oh, no, #general-bridged is also bridged to some IRC somewhere 21:33:46
@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adam mortenpi: I would love if we could get a broad range of popular channels from slack bridged to matrix, but my understanding is that all the integrations/bot slots on slack are used up. 21:34:56
@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adam Not just #general-bridged but #general, #helpdesk, #gripes, #appreciation, etc. 21:35:46
3 Aug 2020
@dmolina:matrix.orgdmolina joined the room.09:29:46
@dmolina:matrix.orgdmolina set a profile picture.09:33:30

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