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3 Aug 2019
4 Aug 2019
00:22:50@sjkelly:matrix.orgsjkellymortenpi, big thanks for the work on documenter. It is really easy to setup.
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5 Aug 2019
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16 Aug 2019
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18 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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28 Aug 2019
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5 Sep 2019
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11 Sep 2019
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28 Sep 2019
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23 Oct 2019
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30 Oct 2019
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5 Nov 2019
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6 Nov 2019
15:48:13@jpsamaroo:matrix.orgJulian P SamarooI wonder, does this bridge to slack?
In reply to @jpsamaroo:matrix.org
I wonder, does this bridge to slack?
I don't think there is a bridge setup, but if we had one, that could possibly ease adoption/transition from Slack
16:49:19@jpsamaroo:matrix.orgJulian P Samaroo

I don't think there is a bridge setup, but if we had one, that could possibly ease adoption/transition from Slack

I seem to recall general-bridged having Matrix users bridged in, but it seems like it's been down for a long while now.

17:22:56@sascha.:matrix.orgsascha.I thought the bridge just bridges Gitter, IRC and #general-bridged
17:23:03@sascha.:matrix.orgsascha. * I thought the bridge just bridges Gitter, IRC and #general-bridged
17:33:40@jpsamaroo:matrix.orgJulian P Samaroo If that's the case, we should definitely see if we can expand it to Matrix.
17:37:32@jpsamaroo:matrix.orgJulian P Samaroo changed their display name from jpsamaroo to Julian P Samaroo.
18:25:00@sascha.:matrix.orgsascha.I wonder if the community feature has improved yet, so that you could easily have more than one connected channel
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19:03:49@jpsamaroo:matrix.orgJulian P SamarooDoes anyone know how to setup a community? Does it require a matrix.org admin to do it for us?
19:15:59@expandingman:matrix.orgexpandingman Last we looked into it, the matrix Devs told us communities weren't fully implemented yet, so there was a lot we couldnt do
19:28:05@jpsamaroo:matrix.orgJulian P SamarooOk, and without communities we just have to let people know which rooms to join for specific topics?
19:28:23@jpsamaroo:matrix.orgJulian P Samaroo Which doesn't seem to be a huge loss

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