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18 Jul 2019
19:26:39@jagot:matrix.orgjagotMy main complaint is the forgetful history
19:26:58@mprotter:matrix.orgMason ProtterYeah, it seems that it would require a highly coordinated effort. The big names in the community who could actually make the push all seem to have the attitiude of "well, if a community gets big enough on another service then we'll change" but we actually need to them to make the call for that to happen.
19:26:59@expandingman:matrix.orgexpandingman Yeah, the other problem is that "communities" (organized sets of rooms) are still not a complete feature on matrix, and its kind of an important one for something like julia

That's true. But we do have syntax highlighting:

f(x) = sin(x)
In reply to @jagot:matrix.org

That's true. But we do have syntax highlighting:

f(x) = sin(x)
At least in some of the matrix clients
19:30:14@mprotter:matrix.orgMason ProtterWhat client are you using? I'm on Riot.im and don't see highlighting.
19:31:40@jagot:matrix.orgjagotI think it was nheko on Linux
19:31:46@mprotter:matrix.orgMason Protter We can make the equivalent of julia communities just like how people fake namespaces in languages without them, just prepend everything with julialang
19:31:47@jagot:matrix.orgjagotNothing on Mac, it seems
19:32:27@mprotter:matrix.orgMason ProtterAh. I like that riot.im has browser support and a slick interface, but I haven't really even looked at alternatives yet.
19:34:27@mprotter:matrix.orgMason Protter changed their display name from mprotter to Mason Protter.
19:35:05@expandingman:matrix.orgexpandingmanIt seems nheko is no longer maintained. Not sure how many alternatives there are
25 Jul 2019
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26 Jul 2019
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29 Jul 2019
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2 Aug 2019
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22:20:04@sjkelly:matrix.orgsjkellyhello folks
3 Aug 2019
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hello folks
4 Aug 2019
00:22:50@sjkelly:matrix.orgsjkellymortenpi, big thanks for the work on documenter. It is really easy to setup.
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5 Aug 2019
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16 Aug 2019
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18 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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28 Aug 2019
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5 Sep 2019
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11 Sep 2019
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