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11 Apr 2024
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasi * it works, awesome16:02:58
@winnie_ua:matrix.orgWinnie changed their display name from winnie_ua to Winnie.20:52:06
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasihttps://lemmy.world/post/14150242 here is my moving post. I'm happy this is finally happening and wish I came to this conclusion earlier22:06:23
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasireally from an infrastructure side it seems like there should be a nearly 1:1 instance to community ratio and then other instances for identity. Not sure, need to think about this more22:07:15
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12 Apr 2024
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@alaliliiso:matrix.orgalaliliiso changed their profile picture.01:33:34
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@happydooby:matrix.orgDessalines Lemmy dev update for today 14:31:24
13 Apr 2024
In reply to @sunaurus:matrix.org
New comments should start federating after you have at least one local subscriber to the remote community
hey sorry to bug you but what do you do when that doesn't happen? I subscribed to https://vegantheoryclub.org/c/announcements@lemmy.ml and it just never migrated posts, will it happen next time someone makes a post there to kick it off maybe?
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasiThe comments and vote totals seem off between instances too but I guess that is something I've seen across most instances anyway17:22:38
@sunaurus:matrix.orgsunaurus (lemm.ee)You should be able to manually fetch posts you're interested in by searching for them by their original url on your instance17:23:17
@sunaurus:matrix.orgsunaurus (lemm.ee)But otherwise yeah, you should get future posts at this point17:23:41
@sunaurus:matrix.orgsunaurus (lemm.ee)Although, that community is showing 0 subscribers currently on your instance17:24:42
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasiinteresting, thanks! There has been plenty of learning curve here17:24:56
@sunaurus:matrix.orgsunaurus (lemm.ee)I'm not completely sure, but I think if you have 0, you might not actually get any posts17:24:57
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasiit says joined for me17:25:22
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasimaybe I need one more person to do it to kick it off17:25:40
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasior maybe I guess I can try unjoining and rejoining17:25:49
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasiso far I've had a few blips but its been mostly cool, I forgot a dmarc record so no one could sign up that uses a major email service lol the only really bad thing so far is that I can't bring my 2k subscriber community over but I made peace with that17:26:52
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasiok well I ripped off that bandaid19:00:28
@hamidpayaamabbasi:matrix.orgHamidPayaamAbbasi * ok well I ripped off that bandaid. Lets see what hosting an instance is like for the next 10 months lol19:01:04
14 Apr 2024
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15 Apr 2024
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16 Apr 2024
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