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7 Jan 2024
@_discord_202224154550861824:t2bot.iogeo_bot That's the stem you switches use 16:23:28
8 Jan 2024
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 No, you need to tell OpenRGB how many LEDs in addressable zone 12:49:15
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1070706586521174056/1182001189068488755/image.png?ex=65a80563&is=65959063&hm=d3d45a52d87b0af43c102b435139084adb592b51e4e0d59d8977ab01cb14a584& 12:50:04
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 Can be both 14:57:41
9 Jan 2024
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 if you're using the effects plugin, try lower fps to 30, I had a old Strix GPU also like that
Asus probably using old chips on newer entry level motherboard
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 small desk 13:26:47
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 or travel alot 13:27:10
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 and they donno how to use excel 13:27:38
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 TKL is still acceptable, my coworker use 60% at work 14:02:53
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 Like every time I had to use his PC, I had to swearing 14:03:21
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 * Like every time I had to use his PC, I had to curse someone 14:04:23
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Artemis Shill - try bios upgrade,
- try disable Lightningservice and newer asus services in Services tab of taskmanager
- edit Services to not start with Windows in services manager
(if u not want to uninstall them, personally not even installed the armory crate app and in Bios settings Prevent the app from beeing downloaded automatically if windows Boots)

- i had 2-3x in my usage period that the Asus mainboard RGB was going Crazy, it did not happend since latest Bios Update (version 42XX on X570 Formula)
in all Cases this happend the Unplug from all Power Sources over 5 min was Fixing it
(remember to unplug all Externally powered USB hubs since the 5V Rail wont turn off else on newer Boards, idk why but i experienced this while not unplug a Razer thunderbolt Dock Chroma for example [USB4.0/Thunderbolt and externally powered])

hope this helps
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Artemis Shill in my case i not need it, all i can do with other apps or Open source apps,
perhaps i missing something i not know anyway
all u need is chipset drivers from Website and Bios
the rest is optionally like software suite etc

and the only thing i have in mind RN would be the Live Dash Oled display to apply custom animations
but by default it display values like CPU temp, Mobo temp etc exactly what i would set in the app even,
i would not change to an Custom Animation or whatever anyway idk
and in Bios i can disable it if i not want it to be in use,
also same scenario for the so called AniMatrix™️ LED Matrix on newer X670 Boards (tested on a X670 Hero)
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Artemis Shill just in case someone had Fear to buy new Hardware to avoid conflicts.... 15:21:12
@_discord_309802310861586434:t2bot.iovele_chris changed their display name from Vele/Chris to vele_chris.16:31:18
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.iotheroguezeta Most likely they are just ARGB strips and do not have a controller interface. 19:59:40
@_discord_671438131802800141:t2bot.iotheroguezeta That means something else generates the signal and OpenRGB interfaces with that device. 20:00:03
10 Jan 2024
Download image.png
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 because deepcool doesn't use their own RGB controller
if you see these logos display on a device, you just need to know does your motherboard have RGB support
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治Redacted or Malformed Event01:15:42
Download image.png
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 See 📌 in #openrgb-tech-support 07:59:09
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.io森口友治 Then you have nothing to worry about 07:59:54
11 Jan 2024
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Artemis Shill used by most WS2812B LED Strips 20:35:35
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Artemis Shill basically u can make yourself or buy a adapter plug or cable to 3pin ARGB whhat u can plug in any controller or Mobo 20:35:40
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Artemis Shill * basically u can make yourself or buy a adapter plug or cable to 3pin ARGB what u can plug in any controller or Mobo 20:35:52
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Artemis Shill haha long story 20:36:06
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Artemis Shill i would say at this point this vary strongly on your "needs"
- Channels Count (aka Zone inside OpenRGB)
- Max LEDs Totally
- Max LEDs per Channel
- Synch Rate (FPS)
- Ability to save the State
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Artemis Shill this is a Hardware Limitation 20:41:00
@_discord_224264504748408834:t2bot.ioCodename-Antares | Artemis Shill from their Controller inside the Case 20:41:10

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