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19 Mar 2023
@_discord_309875214911537152:t2bot.ioMermel#1638 I know a couple that have an app that connects via bluetooth, but I wouldn't know how to RE that 23:36:09
@_discord_309875214911537152:t2bot.ioMermel#1638 I'm not DJing anywhere, my office is 10x12, so I just need something that won't crackle 23:36:49
20 Mar 2023
@_discord_309875214911537152:t2bot.ioMermel#1638 How would I power them? 01:52:17
@_discord_309875214911537152:t2bot.ioMermel#1638 Speakers aren't 5V. I'm just thinking how I could get 5V power into the speakers without interfering with the audio signal. 02:05:28
@_discord_309875214911537152:t2bot.ioMermel#1638 I have a bunch of very tiny ESP32C3 boards that would work AND some 2020 WS2812B pixels (and some 5050 ones). Was just hoping I wouldn't have to do DIY it since I need new speakers anyway. 02:06:46
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.ioI'm Not MentaL why do you need so many things? i only use openRGB 05:38:57
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist Guys is there any way to make certain rgb profiles work at certain times (kind of like a script)? For instance, have a certain profile play when I boot up, have another when I unplug from power (or dim the brightness or turn off the lights entirely) 06:12:55
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.ioI'm Not MentaL i think artemis can do something like that 06:47:20
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist what is that? 06:47:52
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.ioI'm Not MentaL https://artemis-rgb.com/ 06:48:33
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist wait is that a replacement for openrgb? 06:49:42
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.ioI'm Not MentaL nope 06:49:52
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist works with it then? 06:50:11
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.ioI'm Not MentaL ya 06:51:20
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist would it work with legion 7? 06:58:30
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist That's the device I wanna use OpenRGB with 06:58:37
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.ioI'm Not MentaL does legion 7 supported by OpenRGB? 07:00:13
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist yes but only the pipeline 07:00:27
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.ioI'm Not MentaL then it will work 07:00:28
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist okay cool, and does it drain excess battery? 07:03:29
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist like does it have multiple services? 07:03:35
@_discord_393463734695100446:t2bot.ioI'm Not MentaL so many questions 07:03:37
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist bet 07:08:07
@_discord_405499767230300170:t2bot.ioDecayableRadiologist my main concern was if it could be scripted or automated 07:08:24
@_discord_204745237153710081:t2bot.ioSpatzy#0001 changed their profile picture.08:55:06
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.ioDrMeteor#8631 you are almost certainly overcomplicating this. if you want to explain better i can help you simplify it :p 09:53:38
@_discord_176019265659338763:t2bot.ioDrMeteor#8631 #openrgb-tech-support also, this is expected behaviour i think 14:59:34
@_discord_490814042563411968:t2bot.ioSnoweuph#9953 changed their display name from Snoweuph to Snoweuph#9953.18:18:44
@_discord_202224154550861824:t2bot.ioGeo_bot we could implement it as a device 20:58:39
@_discord_202224154550861824:t2bot.ioGeo_bot but if we're using a network api I'd recommend using the sdk instead https://gitlab.com/CalcProgrammer1/OpenRGB/-/wikis/OpenRGB-SDK-Documentation 20:59:26

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