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4 Mar 2021
@settyness:matrix.orgwren changed their display name from settyness to setsuna.06:40:52
@settyness:matrix.orgwren changed their display name from setsuna to wren.06:45:34
@settyness:matrix.orgwren changed their profile picture.06:46:05
5 Mar 2021
@angel:kde.orgAngel changed their profile picture.02:14:03
@lrb:envs.netlrb left the room.17:48:46
7 Mar 2021
@mindedbro:matrix.orgmindedbroRoom online09:40:25
8 Mar 2021
@johnnya007:matrix.orgjohnnya007 left the room.10:58:46
@johnnya007:matrix.orgjohnnya007 joined the room.10:59:00
@johnnya007:matrix.orgjohnnya007 set a profile picture.11:02:17
10 Mar 2021
@ahriwashere:matrix.org@ahriwashere:matrix.org joined the room.02:09:30
@ahriwashere:matrix.org@ahriwashere:matrix.org joined the room.21:42:41
11 Mar 2021
@ahriwashere:matrix.org@ahriwashere:matrix.org joined the room.16:51:48
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@mindedbro:matrix.orgmindedbro set a profile picture.22:18:02
@mindedbro:matrix.orgmindedbro changed their profile picture.23:32:49
12 Mar 2021
@yokujiro:matrix.orgyokujiro joined the room.06:42:13
@yokujiro:matrix.orgyokujiro left the room.06:42:56
17 Mar 2021
@johnnya007:matrix.orgjohnnya007 invited @themanonmoon:matrix.orgthemanonmoon.16:21:05
24 Mar 2021
@zinetic:matrix.orgzinetic joined the room.21:25:43
25 Mar 2021
@3cpo:matrix.org3cpo joined the room.00:57:54
@3cpo:matrix.org3cpo left the room.00:59:09
26 Mar 2021
@angel:kde.orgAngel left the room.03:36:37
30 Mar 2021
@nimavg:matrix.orgnimavg joined the room.17:23:13
31 Mar 2021
@rynoful:matrix.orgRyab joined the room.22:37:00
@rynoful:matrix.orgRyab left the room.22:43:32
1 Apr 2021
@carbone13:matrix.orgLucas Michaudel joined the room.11:13:46
@carbone13:matrix.orgLucas Michaudel left the room.11:14:20
11 Apr 2021
@belletahnkred:matrix.orgTahnkred joined the room.00:24:29

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