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3 Feb 2020
05:49:34@izymandias:matrix.orgizymandiasor can i add a friend and just start chatting with encryption
09:46:51@izymandias:matrix.orgizymandias * or can i add a friend and just start chatting with encryption
23:40:53@urgot:matrix.orgurgotThere are plenty of hosts that support e2e off the bat, you wouldn’t need to host just for that, only for a larger chat room with a custom @ etc
23:41:16@urgot:matrix.orgurgot Even just creating a room off this ‘launcher’ will get you what you want
4 Feb 2020
09:43:39@0x80:matrix.orgla3ma8Oowill leag ever be officially have a gnu/linux client ? i mean leag is in china very popular and they wont preinstall windows in china... is there a chance probably?
09:44:54@0x80:matrix.orgla3ma8Oofor exampple i had always 60-70fps on windows 10 with this computer now on lubuntu 20.04 with 5.5.1 kernel i get lot of fps drops (using wine-lol)
6 Feb 2020
01:33:20@urgot:matrix.orgurgot There will always be some FPS drop using wine, one can only hope they bring a native client to unix
8 Feb 2020
22:28:22@trentaquattro:matrix.orgtrentaquattro joined the room.
9 Feb 2020
21:02:03@0x80:matrix.orgla3ma8Oo changed their display name from 0x80 to la3ma8Oo.
10 Feb 2020
22:44:38@hollandski:matrix.orgZed is the Deadliest joined the room.
11 Feb 2020
12:49:41@izymandias:matrix.orgizymandias urgot: the messages we've been exchanging, where are they stored
12:50:18@izymandias:matrix.orgizymandiasare they stored on my computer or on a server somewhere?
12:50:38@izymandias:matrix.orgizymandiastrying to understand how matrix/riot works
12:59:54@hollandski:matrix.orgZed is the Deadliest changed their display name from hollandski to Zed is the Deadliest.
21:28:06@urgot:matrix.orgurgotMatrix/riot stores all messages on a server. You also have a local cache of the messages on your device. Messages are encrypted at rest, but not necessarily end to end encrypted at rest, unless you have specifically sent an encrypted message, in which case only a device with a copy of the private key would be able to access it.
21:28:31@urgot:matrix.orgurgotThe difference between encryption and end to end encryption is important, and should be noted specifically
15 Feb 2020
00:09:46@spike01:matrix.orgspike Spiegel joined the room.
00:09:54@spike01:matrix.orgspike Spiegeloi guys pls follow
00:09:57@spike01:matrix.orgspike Spiegeltwitch.tv/saiyanspiritt
01:18:31@urgot:matrix.orgurgotRedacted or Malformed Event
17 Feb 2020
11:18:13@izymandias:matrix.orgizymandias@urgot And how good is the encryption
11:18:27@izymandias:matrix.orgizymandiashave they been audited or anything?
13:17:33@0x80:matrix.orgla3ma8Oo https://privacy-handbuch.de/handbuch_74g.htm translate it

They have been audited, and it’s an open source protocol, with self hosting options.

This means (if you’re into reading code) you (or anyone for that matter) can verify that the code running both on the back end (self hosting a server) and front end (running a client such as the one you’re on now) is running code you expect, and in a non malicious way.

You can verify yourself the messages are securely end to end encrypted and are not being sent elsewhere, or generated other keys etc etc

If you’re not tech savvy, you can trust that other people (many people audit FOSS such as matrix/riot) to audit this code and say it’s as the company claims.

18 Feb 2020
17:41:20@0x80:matrix.orgla3ma8Oo i thinl riot app for android had google spyware something with "fire" dont remember name but thry removed it but its still better than whatsapp and discord
17:42:09@0x80:matrix.orgla3ma8Oobut its written in python so its fucking slow and eats shit ram if u host it
17:43:15@0x80:matrix.orgla3ma8Ooand encryption with javascript is weak and can be dangerous
17:44:16@0x80:matrix.orgla3ma8Oosecurity is not the best but privacy is very good

Completely agree, python is slow, never was built for big applications, it’s designed for readability more than anything.

With JS though, it uses the same encryption standards (AES, PGP etc) as any other encryption, what do you mean encryption is weak?

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