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17 Apr 2017
21:10:44@Khorne:matrix.orgKhorne changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
21:13:46Room Avatar Renderer.
21:15:07@khorne:khorne.meKhorne changed the room name to "League of Legends" from "leagueoflegends".
21:16:42@Khorne:matrix.orgKhorne changed their display name from Khornster to Khorne[m].
21:17:39@Khorne:matrix.orgKhorne changed their profile picture.
12 Jun 2017
18:00:44@ccryx:matrix.org@ccryx:matrix.org joined the room.
22 Jun 2017
08:15:14@ccryx:matrix.org@ccryx:matrix.orgOh, a sign of life :D
08:16:31@Khorne:matrix.orgKhorneYeeea, I just snatched up a bunch of rooms tbh ;)
08:16:49@Khorne:matrix.orgKhorneAnd then forgot about them :>
08:18:48@ccryx:matrix.org@ccryx:matrix.org Sad there aren't many league people on matrix apparently
08:19:05@Khorne:matrix.orgKhorneI dont think it attracts the crowd just yet


That seems quite optimistic

08:24:21@ccryx:matrix.org@ccryx:matrix.org Though I guess as long as there are bridges it's fine
08:24:24@Khorne:matrix.orgKhorneHeh, might be
09:09:25@Khorne:matrix.orgKhorne changed their profile picture.
4 Oct 2017
08:49:42@Khorne:matrix.orgKhorne changed their display name from Khorne[m] to Khorne.
31 Oct 2017
13:34:00@ccryx:matrix.org@ccryx:matrix.org left the room.
11 Jan 2018
20:17:17@delko10:matrix.orgdelko10 joined the room.
15 Feb 2018
00:05:10@jasmine55:matrix.org@jasmine55:matrix.org joined the room.
00:06:24@jasmine55:matrix.org@jasmine55:matrix.org left the room.
13 Apr 2018
08:50:17@berazu:matrix.orgChristian joined the room.
31 Aug 2018
08:37:17@berazu:matrix.orgChristian changed their display name from berazu to Christian.
31 Dec 2018
17:19:28@fritzjefferson:matrix.orgJefferson joined the room.
17:19:37@fritzjefferson:matrix.orgJeffersonhey, is this room still active?
1 Jan 2019
01:32:23@fritzjefferson:matrix.orgJefferson changed their display name from fritzjefferson to Jefferson.

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