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25 Mar 2023
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26 Mar 2023
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@_discord_694457415323615284:t2bot.ioAaryn Hey all, since ABS seems to handle Album Art/Track Artist ID3 tags as one field, I am finding this problematic for how short story anthologies are handled in other programs.
I would prefer if each chapter or track had an artist tag, barring that, how do others handle this particular conundrum? I suppose I could seperate each story into its own book in a series, but I don't find that ideal!
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr#6112 I'm not sure if you will find an ideal solution for this. Having a series would handle the separate metadata the best like you are describing. You could rename the chapters to include the author name but you won't get separate cover art. Another option is to treat it as a podcast in a podcast library but you also won't get separate cover art. There is a feature request for individual cover art per podcast episode though. 20:51:51
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27 Mar 2023
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28 Mar 2023
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