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24 Jan 2020
04:15:14@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvband does not mention libreoffice
04:15:16@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvbo well :)
04:15:18@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvbmogge, ook
04:16:02@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvb maybe that's as free as one can get for an alternative to Google Docs
04:21:01@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvb my favorite quote from the piece: 'with FOSS, the user _is_ the developer'
04:23:14@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvbtyil: nice piece, thanks
06:30:49@freenode_stappers:matrix.orgstapperssamcv: welke website heeft de link voor de vergadering?
08:06:26@freenode_tyil:matrix.orgtyil joostvb: as for a free gdocs alternative, you can use nextcloud with collabora, which I've been told is completely free, but I haven't done any proper research in how true that is
08:37:00@freenode_DjSlash:matrix.orgDjSlashIt is
09:30:08@freenode_samcv:matrix.orgsamcvDjSlash, interesting what you mention about the signaling server. would be nice if nextcloud talk supported an external signaling server
09:30:17@freenode_samcv:matrix.orgsamcv that isn't their very expensive paid thing
09:33:19@freenode_samcv:matrix.orgsamcvstappers, link is not available yet. but I can post it here if you are interested when i have it. meeting will be sometime around 5-7pm (exact time not set yet) joostvb i believe BlueJeans which we will be using for the video chat has the option to call in to a phone number as well
10:01:53@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvbtyil: i c, tnx
10:04:23@freenode_tyil:matrix.orgtyil I have a nextcloud instance on my desktop, I *may* try to setup colabora if I'm really bored, but I have little need for it myself :p
10:55:49@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvbno need here either :)
10:56:56@freenode_DjSlash:matrix.orgDjSlashsamcv: well, there is an option in the settings to point to a signaling server and if you find something that will act like one, it is possible. But they decided that it is a lot of work to put effort in supporting third party servers (as you can read at https://github.com/nextcloud/spreed/issues/2515)
10:57:49@freenode_DjSlash:matrix.orgDjSlash re: collabora; I've set it up on three instances
15:03:42@freenode_samcv:matrix.orgsamcv stappers, Video call: https://bluejeans.com/250314194 shouldn't require installation
15:03:43@freenode_samcv:matrix.orgsamcvVoice only: (NL) +31 20 808 2256‬ ID 250314194 the meeting is at 5:30pm
15:18:32@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvbsamcv: 90 minutes fronm now
15:18:56@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvb70 minutes from now, i mean
15:19:56@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvbwhat happens if more than one person in this channels opens the url?
15:20:02@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvb i won't try it
15:20:45@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvbsamcv: /msg stappers https://bluejeans.com/250314194
15:20:56@freenode_joostvb:matrix.orgjoostvb samcv: that would've sent it to stappers only
16:56:05* @freenode_stappers:matrix.orgstappers is elsewhere ( asking for URL was due missing an URL previously )

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