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6 Sep 2020
@falconstinker:matrix.orglowqualityqualia joined the room.13:00:55
@falconstinker:matrix.orglowqualityqualiaso how do i actually exercises nvc13:02:48
@falconstinker:matrix.orglowqualityqualiait is extremely hard doing it at the trenches13:04:21
7 Sep 2020
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotter https://meetup.com/Austin-emotional-intelligence/events/272982452/ 14:58:16
8 Sep 2020
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9 Sep 2020
@koekebakker:chat.weho.stkoekebakker lowqualityqualia: for me, i just had to read the book slowly so to keep it on top of my mind. Slowly start recognizing situations and my own reactions. Also there is a word list that allows you to use express your emotions with more detail. 06:50:40
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotter Welcome, @EmancipatedHuman ! 00:32:59
@koekebakker:chat.weho.stkoekebakkerIts quite fundamental and we have to unlearn some bad habits. So its gonna be slow. Even the author admits its hard to do it all the time :)06:51:05
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@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotterBuen dia, amigo!10:35:26
@telegram_236798848:t2bot.ioL MisesBuen dia!10:35:35
In reply to L Mises
Buen dia!
Going to be a part of our online meeting at 6:30pm today?
@telegram_236798848:t2bot.ioL MisesNot sure sire10:41:51
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotter Hey everyone who is interested in expanding your EQ, getting your own emotions under your control, and increasing your understanding of the perspective of others, we are meeting tonight for the last free meeting. https://www.meetup.com/Austin-emotional-intelligence/events/272982452/ 15:26:51
10 Sep 2020
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11 Sep 2020
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13 Sep 2020
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotter Welcome, @coachvmantri ! 16:55:54
@telegram_1016905684:t2bot.ioVM Thanks @ScotterMonkey! 17:32:43
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotter Weekly online meetings. This week is last free one as I experiment with charging a small fee. https://www.meetup.com/Austin-emotional-intelligence/ 20:29:48
17 Sep 2020
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19 Sep 2020
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