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empathybot.net cnvc.org To find/hang out with people who are into getting meta with communication; Increase emotional intelligence; ask/answer NVC-related questions; share NVC-related stories and resources; and grow a global NVC community. Open to all!26 Servers

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7 Apr 2021
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8 Apr 2021
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9 Apr 2021
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotterI just published another chapter of my Practical Empathy book on PeakD. Feels so nice every time! Meets my needs for growth, contribution, purpose, meaning, power, and recognition! Side benefit: While I've already written every chapter of the book, not all chapters are fully fleshed out, so every time I get to work on copying a chapter into PeakD, I first re-read the chapter, which leads to much editing and adding, yay! So this habit I'm now into is creating a virtuous circle of writing more, as well as improving the quality of the overall work!15:45:54
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotterBTW, for the locals (Central Texas), we are getting back to in-person meetings of our NVC / Practical Empathy group and having our first meeting of 2021 tomorrow morning out in the Sunshine! I'm super excited and get a jolt of pleasure every time another person RSVPs. I love that I've been doing this so long that I need spend zero time making any kind of plan, feeling confident it will be a fun and powerful experience for all of us!15:48:30
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11 Apr 2021
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@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotterThis is so inspiring how well the Hive/PeakD community is receiving chapters of my book every time I publish one!15:02:12
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14 Apr 2021
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@trapmunewsdon1971:matrix.orgtrapmunewsdon1971That's very beautiful https://wuvyziz.page.link/uev35frBJMxmMzL7A15:05:36
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18 Apr 2021
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23 Apr 2021
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25 Apr 2021
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotterOMG humorous opposite of NVC skit! 😂😂😂12:47:51
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotter https://youtu.be/M-M2vpGsHcw 12:47:55
29 Apr 2021
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3 May 2021
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8 May 2021
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotter The bi-monthly, in person, free, and smile friendly meeting is tomorrow:
@telegram_49590540:t2bot.ioScotter * The bi-monthly, in person, free, and smile friendly meeting is tomorrow:
13 May 2021
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