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7 Jul 2022
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@nivea:matrix.orgniveanu99et true, just assumed this in use12:41:04
@pvdv:matrix.orgpvdv I don't like screen rotating. How can I disable it? 13:43:16
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@telegram_136112074:t2bot.ioMichałI'm pretty sure that there's an icon for disabling that in the top shelf (where wifi etc. icons also are)13:43:49
@pvdv:matrix.orgpvdv Thanks, you are right about the rotation! 13:44:39
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@scorpion2185:matrix.orgscorpion2185is gnome-tweks good for phosh?13:57:04
@scorpion2185:matrix.orgscorpion2185to change gtk theme for example13:57:20
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In reply to @scorpion2185:matrix.org
is gnome-tweks good for phosh?
https://wiki.mobian.org/themes and yes, you can use any tool to change themes
@scorpion2185:matrix.orgscorpion2185mobian has phosh as gui why isn't there the phosh-tweaks?14:35:20
In reply to @scorpion2185:matrix.org
mobian has phosh as gui why isn't there the phosh-tweaks?
I dont know this package
@scorpion2185:matrix.orgscorpion2185what about calling phosh-tweaks?14:44:44
@kop316:matrix.orgkop316talk to upstream about that? that isnt our decision.14:46:17
@scorpion2185:matrix.orgscorpion2185when somebody package it for mobian14:46:46
@scorpion2185:matrix.orgscorpion2185 * when somebody packages it for mobian14:46:52
In reply to @scorpion2185:matrix.org
when somebody packages it for mobian
As devrtzsaidnyesterday, if you really want it, please package it and we can review. Asking for things to be packaged will only result in you being ignored
@scorpion2185:matrix.orgscorpion2185I think that these things are important so maybe some dev will do it.14:48:30
@devrtz:fortysixandtwo.eudevrtzI haven't looked into pmos tweaks, it might (don't quote me on that) merge/influence/get superseded by https://gitlab.gnome.org/guidog/phosh-mobile-settings14:59:33
@scorpion2185:matrix.orgscorpion2185didn't know about that15:01:10
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In reply to @eugen:rah.ro
ilex, perhaps try with an older mobian images that still has the u-boot inside it. Like one from March 2022 (before 2022-04-02 when tow-boot became a requirement): https://images.mobian.org/pinephone/weekly/
flash it on the SD card
I have to say that both installs were on eMMC, not SD card.
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@_oftc_galex-713:matrix.orggalex-713hello, does the mobian kernel contains proprietary blobs? can the main debian kernel boot under, say, the pinephone, with some added mobian packages?16:55:18

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