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11 Oct 2019
08:48:53@strypey:matrix.orgstrypeymotion I agree with you. Your original comment was a bit ambiguous.
08:50:56@strypey:matrix.orgstrypey I incorrectly assumed you were making an argument I've seen elsewhere recently, that we can disregard what users say they want, because non-geek users sometimes ask for contradictory things. Eg a censorship-resistant publishing system with moderation tools for admins. You seem to be making the opposite argument, that we must be explicit about what tech does and how, so users can get what they want, and avoid what they don't.
18:33:22@motion:matrix.orgmotionMore importantly: That it is nonsensical to claim someone wants a thing that they don't realize is in the product.
20:07:01@strypey:matrix.orgstrypeySure, agreed 🙂
13 Oct 2019
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14 Oct 2019
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17 Oct 2019
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18 Oct 2019
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22 Oct 2019
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23 Oct 2019
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25 Oct 2019
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26 Oct 2019
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31 Oct 2019
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4 Nov 2019
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7 Nov 2019
17:22:02@_slack_decentralizedweb_U4ZHPP78X:matrix.orgkristenratan joined the room.
17:22:22@_slack_decentralizedweb_U4ZHPP78X:matrix.orgkristenratan Open position: Director, Invest in Open Infrastructure · Reports To: Invest in Open Infrastructure Advisory Committee at Code for Science & Society (CS&S) · Base of Operations: Fully remote, with ability to communicate regularly across Central European to US Pacific time zones, as well as occasional global engagement · Compensation: Competitive compensation will be negotiated, based on experience and relevant local conditions for the successful applicant Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) is a coalition of organizations working to organize and deliver funding for open scholarly infrastructure at scale from the most obvious beneficiaries: the global institutions and agencies that form the bulk of academic support and funding today. This role will be responsible for coordinating the day-to-day activities of IOI, working with the Steering Committee to define and execute a plan to unlock substantial and durable funding for open scholarly infrastructure. This involves managing the program work, staff, and fundraising as needed for programmatic activities, developing and engaging with the IOI Steering Committee and the partner organizations. We are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to work with the IOI Steering Committee to develop and launch new initiatives aimed at expanding support for open scholarly infrastructure. This role will engage in everything from strategic planning and communications, cross-org collaboration, day-to-day tasks, hiring processes, fundraising, and overall program design and management. More info here: https://investinopen.org/jobs/director/ Spread the word!
10 Nov 2019
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16:32:50@_slack_decentralizedweb_UP8SRLG3U:matrix.orgCenya Firzon I would like to invite anyone looking for positions to sign up on https://daily.jobs. We are working on a ai algorithm to help candidates and recruiters find the perfect fit. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

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