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30 Aug 2019
17:13:46@strypey:matrix.orgstrypey A comparison grid of some of the main patterns, with examples of projects that use them, would be great as an introduction. I've been interested in decentralized tech as a user since I tested FreeNet and Gnutella in the 90s, but I still struggle to understand why there are so many projects and what techniques they do and don't share.
17:49:51@motion:matrix.orgmotion Has anyone started a wiki on this? Collaborate editing would be easier for all involved
18:51:09@_slack_decentralizedweb_UB0DZ7RSQ:matrix.orgChris Gebhardt changed their profile picture.
18:51:09@_slack_decentralizedweb_UB0DZ7RSQ:matrix.orgChris Gebhardt I would contribute..
31 Aug 2019
05:28:09@strypey:matrix.orgstrypeyI often create pages on libre tech topics on the P2P Foundation wiki, info on decentralized tech is particularly appropriate ;)
1 Sep 2019
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2 Sep 2019
08:57:11@nico1234:matrix.orgnicopaceWe are happy to share with you some exciting news. We are launching a new platform that we believe will be really useful for you: [communitynetworks.group](https://communitynetworks.group). For some time we have been discussing in many spaces how we can better share this path of community networks. Several spaces came up in those conversations (for example, WhatsApp groups or mailing lists). From APC, we designed a platform that could be available for us all to contribute collectively to the public exchange of experiences. The aim is to help build up a collaborative movement around community networks. This space is meant to facilitate a type of central and open place for conversations to happen. Currently, these chats are taking place either privately or in a rather scattered or disorganised manner. The platform is meant to bring those discussions together and make it easy to follow up on conversational threads – we can definitely move forward better and in a more coordinated way! That is why we are inviting you all to join [communitynetworks.group](https://communitynetworks.group) [communitynetworks.group](https://communitynetworks.group) is a forum that will allow us to share our ideas, discuss the relevant topics that matter to us and invite whoever we wish to the topics that we care most about. We bootstrapped some conversations already so you can jump in to your interests, like [Setting up wifi in rural area South Africa](https://communitynetworks.group/t/setting-up-wifi-in-rural-area-south-africa/33), [Directory of Community Networks](https://communitynetworks.group/t/directory-of-community-networks/27). You can also bring your own topics and build a community around them. We are inviting Community Networks activists from all over the world to help us raise awareness by forwarding this message to your fellow friends and colleagues. We are eager to hear from you in the public forum and to build this space for us all learn and share together. See you in there! [communitynetworks.group](https://communitynetworks.group)
3 Sep 2019
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5 Sep 2019
02:09:32@motion:matrix.orgmotion @goodiehicks trying to join room but I don’t know how
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10:44:22@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewmatrix, not wassup
11:39:28@benhylau:tomesh.netbenhylauUgh agent smith you're everywhere aren't you
13:25:21@rschulman:westwork.orgRoss SchulmanHaha, @matthew is lurking behind every corner.
6 Sep 2019
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09:34:26@strypey:matrix.orgstrypeyRedacted or Malformed Event
09:34:45@strypey:matrix.orgstrypey Maybe that's a robo-correction built into the Matrix protocol.😉
7 Sep 2019
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10 Sep 2019
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12 Sep 2019
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13 Sep 2019
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15 Sep 2019
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