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13 Jun 2016
@15839:matrix.orgGuest 15839 joined the room.14:29:11
@slack_tracey_pooh:matrix.orgtracey_pooh 16:02:55
@slack_tracey_pooh:matrix.orgtracey_poohwendyhanamura: thanks! :blush: kevinmarks: ok, hopefully it helps. one of these days we'll hook in some SRT/VTT correcting service like amara.org so folks can make corrections, etc...16:02:55
@slack_kevinmarks:matrix.orgkevinmarks 16:06:58
@slack_kevinmarks:matrix.orgkevinmarksVoice to text is good for searchability. I suppose having timestamps from my tweets could make a caption track possible too16:06:59
@Hughe_Janis:matrix.org@Hughe_Janis:matrix.org 16:45:18
@17744:matrix.orgjeffkaplan joined the room.16:55:43
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewi dread to think how automatic speech recognition will have handled my british accent...17:04:53
@rschulman:matrix.orgRoss Schulman Matthew: It just transcribes it with <posh></posh> tags around it. 17:20:12
@slack_wumpus:matrix.orgwumpus 17:22:12
@slack_wumpus:matrix.orgwumpus 17:22:13
@slack_wumpus:matrix.orgwumpusWe could probably find volunteers to touch up the voice-to-text. & make sure all the posh tags are accurate.17:22:13
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew:P :)18:26:50
* @matthew:matrix.orgMatthew is glad he can always fall back to a career as a BBC radio presenter...18:27:54
@slack_kevinmarks:matrix.orgkevinmarks 19:17:08
@slack_kevinmarks:matrix.orgkevinmarksGoogle is good at some British accents. Not Scottish though 19:17:08
@slack_vijayee:matrix.orgvijayee joined the room.19:46:13
@slack_vijayee:matrix.orgvijayee 19:46:51
@slack_vijayee:matrix.orgvijayeethis is Victor Morrow from Prometheus19:46:51
@slack_mouse:matrix.orgmouse joined the room.19:50:33
@slack_mouse:matrix.orgmouseI made a blog post about the decentralized web summit and it's on the front page of HN 🙂 https://blog.mousereeve.com/technologies-of-the-decentralized-web-summit/19:50:35
@17814:matrix.orgGuest 17814 joined the room.21:01:45
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewcool to see the HN post holding its own against WWDC and the LinkedIn acquisition! :)21:32:11
@slack_muneeb_blockstack:matrix.orgmuneeb_blockstack 22:29:02
@slack_muneeb_blockstack:matrix.orgmuneeb_blockstackawesome to see it on HN!22:29:02
@mousereeve:matrix.orgmousereeve joined the room.23:48:52
14 Jun 2016
@slack_tracey_pooh:matrix.orgtracey_pooh 00:25:33
@slack_tracey_pooh:matrix.orgtracey_poohroger_mac: said that Sir Lee was speech recognized pretty well, FYI! (re "posh" :smile: )00:25:34

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