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9 Nov 2018
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16:41:36@_slack_decentralizedweb_UA8CMSK9R:matrix.orgibnesayeed Here is my take on the #DWebSummit at the second anniversary of Indian banknote #demonetization! https://ws-dl.blogspot.com/2018/11/2018-11-08-decentralized-web-summit.html
16:42:13@_slack_decentralizedweb_UA8CMSK9R:matrix.orgibnesayeed https://twitter.com/ibnesayeed/status/1060928346132017155
16:42:37@_slack_decentralizedweb_UA8CMSK9R:matrix.orgibnesayeed https://ws-dl.blogspot.com/2018/11/2018-11-08-decentralized-web-summit.html
19:05:30@travisfw:matrix.orgtravisfwI'm considering trying to sketch up a Kotlin/JavaFX desktop app to help people bootstrap and manage their presesce on any/all (ideally) decentralized platforms represented at dweb. Might call it Rising Tide (because it lifts all boats). If there is interest, or anyone wants to contribute to that, message me. It would be GPLv3 with no server-side component, and would necessarily offload a lot to package managers such as flatpak/dnf/apt, but in addition would remember your accounts, expose an overview of activity, and launch applications or web interfaces.
21:33:21@_slack_decentralizedweb_UA8CMSK9R:matrix.orgibnesayeed Here is my take on the #DWebSummit on the second anniversary of Indian banknote #demonetization! https://ws-dl.blogspot.com/2018/11/2018-11-08-decentralized-web-summit.html
10 Nov 2018
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12 Nov 2018
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20:23:42@_slack_decentralizedweb_UE2QRK5E3:matrix.orgbrielle FYI we're having a Kadena Meetup on Wednesday 11/14 at the Distributed Global Office in NYC--please send this invite along to anyone else you think would be interested in hanging out with the Kadena team and learning how what we're building can be useful. If you're in town, hope you can make it! Blockchain made safe and simple | Business logic on the blockchain https://www.eventbrite.com/e/blockchain-made-safe-and-simple-two-years-of-pact-tickets-51824160459 Distributed Global 16 Vestry Street, 4th Floor, New York Wednesday, Nov 14 6:30-9:30PM
15 Nov 2018
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18 Nov 2018
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19 Nov 2018
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26 Nov 2018
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27 Nov 2018
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29 Nov 2018
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30 Nov 2018
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1 Dec 2018
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2 Dec 2018
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4 Dec 2018
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5 Dec 2018
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6 Dec 2018
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8 Dec 2018
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9 Dec 2018
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10 Dec 2018
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