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7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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17 Jul 2020
@jorgepiloto:matrix.orgjorgepiloto Hello everyone, I would like to execute the tox -e coverage and got a InterpreterNotFound. I am not sure why this happens, since I have both poliastro py37 and py38 environments installation... 07:51:26
@astrojuanlu:openastronomy.orgjuanluastro Hi jorgepiloto ! Can you try to upgrade to the latest `tox` version and, if the error persists, share the complete traceback here? 08:12:48
@jorgepiloto:matrix.orgjorgepiloto Although I upgraded tox in both py37 and py38 it still raises same error 08:42:08
@astrojuanlu:openastronomy.orgjuanluastro Hmmm weird. jorgepiloto could you please paste the full traceback here? 08:46:28


build create: /home/user/Git/poliastro/.tox/build
build installdeps: flit_core >=2.0,<3, wheel, oldest-supported-numpy
coverage create: /home/user/Git/poliastro/.tox/coverage
ERROR: InterpreterNotFound: 
________________summary _____________________________________ 
ERROR:  coverage: InterpreterNotFound
@astrojuanlu:openastronomy.orgjuanluastro...that's it? 😮08:57:31
@astrojuanlu:openastronomy.orgjuanluastroOh wait, it complains about `coverage` in particular08:57:51
@astrojuanlu:openastronomy.orgjuanluastroDo `tox -e py38` and `tox -e py37` work?08:58:29
@jorgepiloto:matrix.orgjorgepilotoYes, both of them (when activating proper python version) work fine09:05:52
@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanlu"when activating proper python version", I see09:06:55
@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanlu I can reproduce the InterpreterNotFound locally when activating a Python 3.8 environment 09:07:43
@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluoh, I see!09:08:02
@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanlu jorgepiloto: tox -e coverage does not exist anymore 09:08:11
@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluit's a modifier09:08:16
@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanlu you should do tox -e py38-coverage instead 09:08:23
@jorgepiloto:matrix.orgjorgepilotoOh, you are right! It works perfectly now 👍️09:11:01
21 Jul 2020
@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluhmm one image test started failing recently https://dev.azure.com/poliastro/poliastro/_build/results?buildId=432&view=logs&j=224dca52-90b1-5bb4-7139-80c0f58a1377&t=85042604-239a-5905-a5b5-a5471e9dc052&l=4408:29:59
@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluon July 17th they released matplotlib 3.3.0, perhaps that's the reason08:30:34
@jorgepiloto:matrix.orgjorgepiloto I upgraded to matplotlib latest version and can reproduce the failing test. Output image seems to be exactly the same, should be fixed by running pytest --mpl-generate-path=baseline test_porkchop.py and update output test figure. Do you want me to fix this? 10:19:51
@astrojuanlu:openastronomy.orgjuanluastroYeah please, go ahead!10:37:41
9 Nov 2020
9 Jan 2021
@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluthis looks very cool! https://github.com/select/matrix-message-e2e20:02:49
21 Mar 2021
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30 Mar 2021
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31 Mar 2021
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8 Apr 2021
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