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6 Jan 2024
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko your general incompetence doesn't speak for the quality of the software 05:47:44
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko discord is an electron program, pretty much just a website 05:48:43
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko they are responsible for their client 05:48:57
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko well yeah but that is a discord problem 05:50:04
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko not a linux problem 05:50:07
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko learn to construct clear sentences 05:50:32
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko i know 05:50:39
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko i usually scare people off before they get that far. 05:51:08
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko in any case, screen tearing on x11 is probably a result of a problem in your composition pipeline 05:51:08
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko you can fix it by configuring the video driver to work correctly with your compositor 05:51:31
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko oh yeah well then it cant match 06:13:55
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko maybe you can fix it with clever compositing 06:14:10
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko never tried 06:14:14
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko tbh these days i only use 1 monitor anyway 06:14:27
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko but yeah multiple ones was rough 06:14:35
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko esp. different resolution 06:14:39
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko if you dont have enough ports 06:14:53
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko but thats it 06:14:58
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko lol 06:14:59
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko just use an adapter 06:15:19
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.iohako.otoko dude what is it with people blaming perfectly fine programs that work for millions of people because of their janky setups 06:15:37
8 Jan 2024
@_discord_1092206761475309658:t2bot.iojow.crow changed their display name from 0bvb._.dvd0#0 to jow.crow.18:00:18
@_discord_169958183815610368:t2bot.ioCaptain_MedicBag 20:30:59
@_discord_1092206761475309658:t2bot.iojow.crow 20:45:34
@_discord_1092206761475309658:t2bot.iojow.crow 20:55:10
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.ioshe.her changed their profile picture.22:22:48
9 Jan 2024
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.ioshe.her changed their display name from AI Girlfriend to she.her.12:34:13
@_discord_846040799003279361:t2bot.ioUrabe 14:24:35
10 Jan 2024
@_discord_292375147040473088:t2bot.iosidelane changed their profile picture.11:19:36
11 Jan 2024
@_discord_201841358237859840:t2bot.iodavidtwm 09:54:51

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