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3 Apr 2020
17:29:53@freenode_nasir_hm[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_nasir_hm[m] jwf: firefox inded was not a good choice to join the call, it just crashed
17:30:18@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwf D: I saw you dropped off nasirhm
17:30:57@freenode_nasir_hm[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_nasir_hm[m] jwf: yeah, interent doesn't seem to work very well currently
17:31:30@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwf Chrome/Chromium might help, but not if it's an Internet problem
17:34:06@freenode_nasir_hm[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_nasir_hm[m] jwf: trying by brave, its stuck on "Joining meeting"
17:35:08@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwf nasirhm: I see you now!
17:35:46@freenode_nasir_hm[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_nasir_hm[m] jwf: Is there any limit to how many people can join, as when i joined, I saw someone left at the very moment.
17:36:06@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwf nasirhm: I think that was jtagcat, looks like he rejoined :)
17:36:36@freenode_nasir_hm[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_nasir_hm[m] jwf: Yeah, I can't hear anything, i guess it's due to my internet connectivity issue
17:36:42@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwfAwww :(
17:36:56@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwfIt is being recorded at least!
17:37:14@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwfThe joys of online audio/video meetings across four continents!
17:38:23@freenode_nasir_hm[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_nasir_hm[m] jwf: yeah, wanted to hear about Marie's journey from a Outreachy Intern to FCAIC, Looks like we have a lot of awesome folks joied for the Social hours.
17:39:09@freenode_jtagcat:matrix.orgjtagcatI left because had autoplay with audio blocked, needed to refresh
17:39:28@freenode_nasir_hm[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_nasir_hm[m] jtagcat: i had the same issue,now it works fine
17:39:45@freenode_jtagcat:matrix.orgjtagcatyeah just reasoning behind why I left for a sec
17:43:21@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwf So, I guess it wasn't the full hour :-)
17:43:26@freenode_jtagcat:matrix.orgjtagcat I think I was late to the hour, where can I subscribe to notifications or similar for gnome's hours?
17:43:53@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwfI have to jump off for a work call soon, but that was a great crystal ball @riecatnor!
17:44:06@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwfHave you written up R.I.S.E. anywhere yet?
17:45:27@freenode_tg-fedcommops:matrix.orgtg-fedcommops <r​iecatnor> I actually have
17:45:35@freenode_tg-fedcommops:matrix.orgtg-fedcommops <r​iecatnor> its a draft on the Commblog right now.. it needs link and pictures
17:46:11@freenode_tg-fedcommops:matrix.orgtg-fedcommops <r​iecatnor> This week though has presented a lot of unforeseen work and things to give attention to :/
17:46:22@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwfjtagcat: So far they have been announced on GNOME Discourse: https://discourse.gnome.org/t/social-hour-event-april-2020/3057
17:46:22@freenode_tg-fedcommops:matrix.orgtg-fedcommops <r​iecatnor> gosh, just in general lol
17:46:44@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwf Maybe on social media too, but I'm not sure. I first saw it mentioned in a GNOME Telegram group with a link to the Discourse thread.
17:47:00@freenode_nasir_hm[m]:matrix.orgfreenode_nasir_hm[m]I saw it twitter too
17:47:27@freenode_jwf:matrix.orgjwf@riecatnor: Woot! Well, no big rush but glad to hear there is more coming. It will cool to start socializing your ideas around the Fedora-verse soon :)
17:49:01@freenode_tg-fedcommops:matrix.orgtg-fedcommops <f​reaky_mortal> It was great listening to your experience Marie! :D

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