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9 Mar 2020
21:09:21@orbifx:matrix.org@orbifx:matrix.org@room anyone here?
22:11:21@HumungoBungo:matrix.org@HumungoBungo:matrix.org left the room.
12 Mar 2020
07:39:47@birdstache:matrix.orgIrohwhat is this room?
09:16:51@Heyshamsw:matrix.orgHeyshamswThere are people here but nothing ever happens in this room.
16 Mar 2020
08:53:42@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobiNo discussion going on atm, start one..
19 Mar 2020
11:28:54@orbifx:matrix.org@orbifx:matrix.org Heyshamsw: welcome to the modern age, of everyone online but not present, lack of time :P
20 Mar 2020
13:59:37@crispr:privacytools.io@crispr:privacytools.io left the room.
21:50:25@snarky_dog:matrix.org@snarky_dog:matrix.org joined the room.
22:00:56@snarky_dog:matrix.org@snarky_dog:matrix.org changed their display name from snarky_dog to snarky_tarantino.
29 Mar 2020
14:50:33@snarky_dog:matrix.org@snarky_dog:matrix.org left the room.
31 Mar 2020
06:17:29@dzamo_norton:matrix.orgdzamo joined the room.
3 Apr 2020
05:16:59@andreas3:matrix.organdreas3 joined the room.

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