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23 Apr 2021
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCD"You still can't walk into someone's house without being invited!" "What/ Oh, I see your confusion. No, this vaccine is for a bat VIRUS. I'm fine with doorways and garlic and stuff."15:30:54
25 Apr 2021
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB) changed their display name from RageGamer#4425 to Rage Gamer (LiaB)#4425.18:36:44
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB) changed their profile picture.18:36:51
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB) changed their display name from Rage Gamer (LiaB)#4425 to Rage Gamer (LiaB).18:36:52
27 Apr 2021
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCD 2455: Virus Consulting 00:48:27
Download virus_consulting.png
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCDAll our teams make an effort to stay optimistic, but I will say that once our virus division saw the vaccine efficacy data, they started asking for payment up front.00:48:28
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB) haha 00:49:45
28 Apr 2021
@_discord_826123749644173313:t2bot.ioρяιηcεѕѕ joined the room.11:38:29
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCD 2456: Types of Scientific Paper 20:34:58
Download types_of_scientific_paper.png
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCDOthers include "We've incrementally improved the estimate of this coefficient," "Maybe all these categories are wrong," and "We found a way to make student volunters worse at tasks."20:34:58
30 Apr 2021
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCD 2457: After the Pandemic 17:09:05
Download after_the_pandemic.png
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCDI'm looking forward to having to worry a lot less about covid, but wouldn't mind if we worried a little more about giving each other colds. Colds are bad!17:09:05
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB) hmmm... intresting... 19:27:44
4 May 2021
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCD 2458: Bubble Wrap 02:41:59
Download bubble_wrap.png
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCDI think of myself as the David Attenborough of factory mailing equipment.02:41:59
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB) the guy that writes these must be wierd 03:05:38
6 May 2021
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCD 2459: March 2020 03:29:24
Download march_2020.png
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCD"I've traveled here from the year 2020 to bring you this vaccine!"03:29:24
@_discord_770377280978944032:t2bot.ioRage Gamer (LiaB) yeah... 20:51:01
7 May 2021
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCD 2460: Vaccinated 21:47:27
Download vaccinated.png
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCDI built a model that combines local case rates and vaccination stats to estimate when it's reasonable to attend various types of party, but I forgot to include anything about where to find them.21:47:28
10 May 2021
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCD 2461: 90's Kid Space Program 20:07:33
Download 90s_kid_space_program.png
@xkcd:t2bot.ioXKCDNASA may not want to admit it, but at this point they ARE the 90's Kid Space Program.20:07:33

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