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1 Mar 2019
23:12:00@mafu:matrix.orgmafucough cough e2ee cough cough
2 Mar 2019
22:41:39@zvava:matrix.orgzvavaI really want to add the full timeline
22:41:43@zvava:matrix.orgzvavaand I have a few ideas
22:41:52@zvava:matrix.orgzvavabut I don't know how I would implement it exactly
22:42:32@zvava:matrix.orgzvavatimeline being the list of messages, the full timeline being you can scroll up to see previous messages
22:42:53@zvava:matrix.orgzvava but I don't want to just show the entire room timeline for obvious performance reasons
22:43:40@zvava:matrix.orgzvavaonce I implement this sort of timeline I should also implement it for the member list; as scrolling in a massive room is very slow and laggy
7 Mar 2019
01:19:32@mafu:matrix.orgmafuNo error in the client and it appears to send fine, which could confuse someone not knowing that it isn't supported
18:18:15@zvava:matrix.orgzvavayeah the client doesn't really show anything on errors atm
18:18:21@zvava:matrix.orgzvavadialog time
9 Mar 2019
03:05:15@mafu:matrix.orgmafudialog time?
03:05:37@mafu:matrix.orgmafubut no push in 7 days 🤔
21:18:22@zvava:matrix.orgzvavaI mean it would be dialog time if I bothered
19 Mar 2019
18:26:27@zvava:matrix.orgzvavatime to do a manex :D
20:19:33@zvava:matrix.orgzvavaI added some divider
20:19:44@zvava:matrix.orgzvavanow message groupe
20:20:10@mafu:matrix.orgmafuah, nice
20:40:55@zvava:matrix.orgzvavaactually message grouping seems a bit complex imma
20:41:00@zvava:matrix.orgzvavanot do that
20:45:05@zvava:matrix.orgzvavabut I will add the fucking dialogs now
21:06:42@zvava:matrix.orgzvavaum I am scared I don't how do D:
21:30:31@zvava:matrix.orgzvavaDIALOG IS ADD
24 Mar 2019
00:40:31@mafu:matrix.orgmafujust checked it out, thanks
00:40:40@mafu:matrix.orgmafu(yes it took me this long lol sorry)

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