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Wayshot is a native screenshot tool for wlroots based compositors such as sway or river written in Rust. Website: https://waycrate.github.io/wayshot/ - Code of Conduct: - More from Waycrate: #waycrate-tools:matrix.org8 Servers

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4 Jan 2024
@sudoforge:matrix.org@sudoforge:matrix.orgyou won't see one for this, since it isn't a wayshot issue :P19:41:25
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith I mean the river and wlr trackers 19:42:31
@_discord_633967275090771971:t2bot.ioshinyzenith I venture down then frequently 19:42:44
@sudoforge:matrix.org@sudoforge:matrix.orgah okay19:43:49
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5 Jan 2024
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6 Jan 2024
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7 Jan 2024
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8 Jan 2024
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10 Jan 2024
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11 Jan 2024
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12 Jan 2024
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13 Jan 2024
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20 Jan 2024
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12 Feb 2024
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon­čç║­čçŽCan that pr about freeze be merged?14:22:38
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon­čç║­čçŽEmm. if you allow me to do, I will merged it.14:23:00
16 Feb 2024
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon­čç║­čçŽ https://github.com/waycrate/wayshot/pull/88 05:00:23
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon­čç║­čçŽ I fix the problem myself.. andreasbackx 05:00:50
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon­čç║­čçŽ Emm. shinyzenith what that pr solve? before I think this pr should solve the problem that freeze picture cannot cover the screen 12:11:52
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon­čç║­čçŽbut the pr unset the scale, now the picture will bigger than the screen12:12:12
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon­čç║­čçŽI see, what I am fixing is freeze overlaying12:12:49
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon­čç║­čçŽbut before this pr, when two screen use different scale, I think it should also works fine.12:14:44
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon­čç║­čçŽok, I have understand the pr, I approved it12:25:43
20 Feb 2024
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21 Feb 2024
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