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25 Feb 2024
@lightwo:nitro.chatlightwo PID 5773: PRIO 0, POLICY N: SCHED_NORMAL , NICE 0, AFFINITY 0xffff 14:26:52
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 1 above Xorg 14:26:53
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 yeah put it to SCHED_RR prio 20 14:27:07
@lightwo:nitro.chatlightwothis sounds like I am not doing it right at all lol14:27:07
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 sudo schedtool -R -p 20 $(pidof monado-service) 14:27:36

now it's like this

except the dropped frames still persist

@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 damn idk then 14:28:57
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 gpu too slow or something idk 14:29:20
@lightwo:nitro.chatlightwoSteamVR performs as expected though14:29:41
@lightwo:nitro.chatlightwoI only observed this on monado on my 6600 XT and index HMD14:30:05
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 WOrks On My Machine™ 14:30:29
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 * Works On My Machine™ 14:30:34
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 with vive pro 2 and rx 6900 xt 14:30:49
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 Maybe ask on Monado Discord 14:31:09
@galister:librevr.orggalistervp2 works on monado?14:31:19
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 ye 14:31:24
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 again, Works On My Machine™ 14:31:40
In reply to @_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.dev
Maybe ask on Monado Discord
isn't this a mirror thereof? if not, can't do that
@lightwo:nitro.chatlightwooh never mind14:32:09
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 This is a channel in the Linux VR Adventures Discord 14:32:09
@lightwo:nitro.chatlightwoI could have sworn that the project page linked here before, or I am just really confused, but sure, I'll ask there14:33:12
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 Running monado at rt prio 20 is a good idea anyway 14:33:57
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 does envision do that? 14:34:10
@lightwo:nitro.chatlightwoI'm going to add that to my script for sure14:34:13
@_discord_211561789777903616:ckie.devnvme0n1p1 or any other priority, doesn't have to be specifically 20, that's just what I decided on 14:34:53
@_discord_280664130476572673:ckie.devrinlovesyou What you mean the vulkan layers? 16:09:58
@_discord_280664130476572673:ckie.devrinlovesyou That's not a monado patch, that's like a separate thing so Nvidia doesn't explode when opencomposite runs 16:10:27
@_discord_1143340910407602266:ckie.devhhsyskids#0 its literally a single implicit layer that steals certain calls to whatever nvidia driver you have that allows for doing some slight fuckery to work around some nvidia jank 16:14:09
26 Feb 2024
@titaniumtown:matrix.orgtitaniumtown changed their profile picture.01:01:04

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