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18 May 2022
@_discord_151104106973495296:t2bot.ioNotBilly#7613 share the info, always looking to make some quick money if it's within the skillset ofc :D 14:03:55
@_discord_891997325499719730:t2bot.io@ mv: cannot move 'hl' to '../../../usr/local/hl': Permission denied 14:04:29
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 hl has to go in /usr/local/bin/ 14:04:58
@_discord_891997325499719730:t2bot.io@ oops sorry 14:05:10
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 the .so file and hdll files have to go into /usr/local/lib 14:05:13
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 and you probably need sudo 14:05:18
@_discord_891997325499719730:t2bot.io@ wait hl here is the zip itself, not hl 14:06:01
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 oh... 14:06:12
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 no it has to be the binary file within the zip 14:06:19
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 oh wait 14:06:22
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 is it already organised into bin, lib, etc? 14:06:32
@_discord_891997325499719730:t2bot.io@ it's in Downloads 🙂 14:07:10
@_discord_510667093814018048:t2bot.iorobisnowtired Will do after a few days if another programmer I've contacted doesn't get in touch with me. 14:07:15
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 if you post it here don't forget to ping ;) 14:10:00
@_discord_510667093814018048:t2bot.iorobisnowtired Will do! 14:10:57
@_discord_891997325499719730:t2bot.io@ I tried sudo it successful moved to usr/local I tried bin too, but still 😦 14:14:01
@_discord_891997325499719730:t2bot.io@ * I tried sudo it successfully moved to usr/local I tried bin too, but still 😦 14:17:50
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 the hl file within the extracted folder has to go into /usr/local/bin/, the files in include goes into /usr/local/include/, and all the library files (.so and .hdll) go into /usr/local/lib/ 14:17:59
@_discord_891997325499719730:t2bot.io@ it works perfectly now 👍, thank you 14:34:10
Download unknown.png
@_discord_891997325499719730:t2bot.io@ what is that 🤔, output.hl 14:36:42
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 hashlink bytecode 14:38:48
@_discord_891997325499719730:t2bot.io@ do programmers read this lol 14:40:23
@_discord_525025580106907659:t2bot.ioZeta No, programs do. 14:41:00
@_discord_891997325499719730:t2bot.io@ currently experimenting with that so please don't mind me, can I compile a flixel game to bytecode? 14:45:45
@_discord_525025580106907659:t2bot.ioZeta lime test hl 14:51:16
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@bulbyvr:matrix.orgBulby4Excrementwtf I can't even buy cardboard to replace my cardboard?!?? wtf nintendo20:02:39

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