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1 Dec 2023
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr it's because it can't take a method and get a normal function pointer from it 15:59:23
@_discord_151104106973495296:t2bot.ionotbilly type incompatibility 15:59:25
@_discord_151104106973495296:t2bot.ionotbilly lol nvm 15:59:35
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr I assume bc it's internally like C calling, with
void method(WindowManagerWayland* this, void* data...)
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr i love C++ (i will never touch this shit willingly again) 16:00:46
@_discord_903322370473852939:t2bot.iosword_352 changed their profile picture.18:50:08
@_discord_104535976524652544:t2bot.io0ms 19:07:19
@_discord_517482359243669524:t2bot.ioVortexDownload 8mb.video-y9A-TUvvu3QE.mp419:33:55
@_discord_306499982742257664:t2bot.iobelowdecent 19:58:39
@_discord_978884238499803196:t2bot.ioumngane_wami i mean i guess my phone would get low quality images of things which would be a cool style of textures 21:14:00
@_discord_978884238499803196:t2bot.ioumngane_wami since i'll be using quake mapping 21:14:32
@_discord_729181341182066749:t2bot.io!SIG7Ivan/Alory (what is a haxe) I wonder if it'd be possible to compile HaxeFlixel projects that contain C code with Xcode. 21:22:33
@_discord_231872730478280705:t2bot.iologololol Woo clyde is dead 23:45:47
2 Dec 2023
@_discord_151104106973495296:t2bot.ionotbilly hl on mac should do that 00:03:08
@_discord_729181341182066749:t2bot.io!SIG7Ivan/Alory (what is a haxe) fr? 00:03:47
@_discord_151104106973495296:t2bot.ionotbilly ya, I don't know how to do it on lime but hl can compile to both byte code or c 00:05:25
@_discord_729181341182066749:t2bot.io!SIG7Ivan/Alory (what is a haxe) epic 00:05:29
@_discord_473326666643537920:t2bot.ioitalocapasso 02:05:14
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr i really wish I was writing in raw C instead of C++ 02:33:52
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr 🧌 02:33:56
@_discord_306499982742257664:t2bot.iobelowdecent Get you 02:35:29
@_discord_306499982742257664:t2bot.iobelowdecent But that sentiment immediately disappears after handling files in C using stdlib 02:36:01
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr i mean I'm stealing C code and using it in C++ 02:36:49
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr i love wayland 02:36:58
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr andI especially love dynamic dispatch methods 02:37:07
        static void registryHandleGlobal(void* data, wl_registry *registry,
                uint32_t name, const char* interface, uint32_t version);

@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr this is the correct use of C++ 02:38:06
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr rust could work but like 😭 02:39:12
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr JNI with rust sounds extremely fun 02:39:21
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr 02:39:24

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