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2 Jun 2024
@_discord_931959569956110427:t2bot.iosudo null install stefan2008Screenshot_2024-06-02-15-37-33-384_com.instagram.android.jpg
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@_discord_931959569956110427:t2bot.iosudo null install stefan2008 Damn Duolingo 18:42:01
3 Jun 2024
@_discord_486327776077676565:t2bot.ioichigo7799 silence, brand. 01:11:23
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@_discord_190613710417559552:t2bot.iokrummja 01:36:59
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@_discord_1029751693866450986:t2bot.ioadamoolah Silly, angy, sad, oi Oi oi 05:43:25
@_discord_799295873388642375:t2bot.ioraltyro changed their profile picture.12:37:23
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4 Jun 2024
@rynitee:matrix.orgryniteis it me or the matrix bridge isn't functional anymore21:34:32
5 Jun 2024
@_discord_688713768938897420:t2bot.ioShahar 22:37:48
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr tbh i thought about how wayland limits you and like if you want your game to work on wayland you should develop it like it's for a console even if you'll release only on pc, as wayland is missing a lot of features you'd consider PC stuff. anything WM related is very questionable, with the only thing i can think of that makes sense is resolution 22:55:15
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr 22:55:15
@_discord_215582414544699393:t2bot.iobulbyvr but again the compositor (and usually the user) are in control 22:55:35
@_discord_201445339805384705:t2bot.ioGeorge 22:57:36
7 Jun 2024
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8 Jun 2024
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9 Jun 2024
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10 Jun 2024
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13 Jun 2024
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14 Jun 2024
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16 Jun 2024
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18 Jun 2024
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