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27 Sep 2022
@_discord_369147264758710273:t2bot.iobloodninja that's going away over time, especially for DX12 and Vulkan content 21:22:03
@_discord_539190724030103553:t2bot.ioCRobes#5105 do they also say that (good) open source drivers are a story of the past? 😅 21:22:03
@_discord_369147264758710273:t2bot.iobloodninja "nvidia" and "good open source" don't go in the same sentence, let alone room 21:22:32
@_discord_369147264758710273:t2bot.iobloodninja * "nvidia" and "good open source" don't go in the same sentence, let alone the same room 21:22:39
@_discord_369147264758710273:t2bot.iobloodninja they loathe having to even release a linux driver that's not for professional cards 21:23:04
@_discord_369147264758710273:t2bot.iobloodninja I thought my vega 56 was expensive at £330, my newer AMD card (when it finally came in stock) was £650 and I'm still paying for it 21:24:37
@_discord_369147264758710273:t2bot.iobloodninja nvidia need to be blown out of the water by competition for everyone's benefit 21:25:00
@_discord_369147264758710273:t2bot.iobloodninja thank god they didn't get to buy ARM 21:26:09
@_discord_692281400598200331:t2bot.ioFunky Egg#5652 changed their profile picture.21:41:42
@_discord_151104106973495296:t2bot.ioNotBilly#7613 22:08:49
@_discord_945871151270359041:t2bot.iofluffydogbite 22:16:41
28 Sep 2022
@_discord_201445339805384705:t2bot.ioGeorge sucks to be the 1000 people that already downloaded it 01:14:55
@_discord_486327776077676565:t2bot.ioichigo I finally got a used Vega 64 for like $300 01:20:36
@_discord_486327776077676565:t2bot.ioichigo sucks that it's used, old, and costs like new, but it's been impossible to buy something that could replace my GTX 650 for 2 years now 01:22:14
@_discord_945871151270359041:t2bot.iofluffydogbite has anyone here ever touched shapez 01:55:11
@_discord_945871151270359041:t2bot.iofluffydogbite it's like factorio on steroids 01:55:30
@_discord_231872730478280705:t2bot.iologo I think Factorio is Factorio on steroids 01:57:35
@_discord_945871151270359041:t2bot.iofluffydogbite then you haven't touched shapez 01:57:48
@_discord_201445339805384705:t2bot.ioGeorge shapez is cool 03:02:41
@_discord_201445339805384705:t2bot.ioGeorge but i'm under the impression it's a series a specific challenges where factorio is an endless game of expansion 03:03:55
@_discord_945871151270359041:t2bot.iofluffydogbite really depends on what you're doing 03:04:10
@_discord_945871151270359041:t2bot.iofluffydogbite they're is entire communities of creating the most complicated shape there is, pixel art communities, the shapez industries mod is pretty much a new game+, etc. 03:05:08
@_discord_945871151270359041:t2bot.iofluffydogbite shapez is very replayable 03:05:40
@_discord_201445339805384705:t2bot.ioGeorge seems like a great game, but it just feels weird to say one is another but on steroids 03:19:28
@_discord_945871151270359041:t2bot.iofluffydogbite yeah I guess 03:19:39
@_discord_201445339805384705:t2bot.ioGeorge both games are clearly on meth 03:20:02
@_discord_945871151270359041:t2bot.iofluffydogbite indeed 03:20:09
@_discord_486327776077676565:t2bot.ioichigo please, get your hard drugs right 05:01:11
@_discord_688713768938897420:t2bot.ioShaharMS Wtf is going on💀 05:11:33
@_discord_486327776077676565:t2bot.ioichigo too much meth; can't tell 05:54:07

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