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31 Dec 2023
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1 Jan 2024
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2 Jan 2024
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5 Jan 2024
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6 Jan 2024
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7 Jan 2024
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8 Jan 2024
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9 Jan 2024
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav Anyone have time to review the PR? 16:45:42
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy I've looked at it but can't test atm as my test suite uses the emscripten build 17:02:21
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav The GLES fixes are still in the queue for merge, after this PR, so it's basically about any obvious mistakes I made with the waveform refactoring 😄 17:57:52
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy I've pulled those fixes and built and it's just a black screen 20:30:33
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy The console.logs show its playing but nothing but black 😄 20:30:50
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy I promise to review and sign-off on it after work today ❤️ 20:31:11
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy * I promise to review and sign-off on the waveform pr after work today ❤️ 20:31:37
10 Jan 2024
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy Hey codav , so im reviewing the Waveforms PR, and i have a question.

Ive noticed that all the other namespaces are fully capitalized, except libprojectM, why?
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav Just ordered two RPi 5's, will see that I build projectM and test it on those ASAP. 13:36:21
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy Lol you sending me 1? 13:36:31
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy 😉 jk 13:36:33
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav Mainly because "libprojectM" or "projectM" is basically how it's spelled. "LibProjectM" or similar just looks... wrong IMO. 13:37:20
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav Besides that, I generally prefer PascalCase namespace names. Some like other spellings like lowerPascalCase or even lower_snake_case (which is rather something used in C than C++). 13:38:42
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav Main reason here was to make the topmost namespace as unique as possible, which is what "libprojectM" will do in any case/casing 😄 13:39:32
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy Makes since, thats what I had assumed but wanted to know for sure 😄 13:43:22
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy Alright, Ive scanned over the PR and signed off 13:43:47
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy Sorry for the delay on my part 😛 13:44:23
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav No problem, new year's always stuffed to the brim with appointments, vacation, work and so on, same for me. Won't have time to work on projectM until next week anyway. 13:47:34
11 Jan 2024
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