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3 Apr 2020
22:06:10@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangy I guess I'll base it off of travis.yml
22:08:11@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangymrallen1: do consider that the CI is building against 1.12.x as the latest go
22:08:38@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1 Ah, I didn't realize this
22:09:58@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangy I don't know if that's the problem, but let me try building on my side and see if we can get anywhere :)
22:11:01@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangyah this uses an old pandoc :(
22:11:13@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangywell I think I can do most of the make targets really
22:13:24@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangymrallen1: it works on my side with go 1.14 though
22:13:58@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangyI think you may be running into that particular issue due to gopath sheananigants
22:14:09@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1ok :)
22:14:17@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1is there a way to debug them?
22:14:24@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangyI can help you if you want. Care to share your pwd and the output of go env?
22:16:49@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangy I know this is silly, but did you try moving your code to -> /home/mallen/golangs/projects/src/opencontainers/image-spec and trying to build again?
22:17:48@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangyah wait, there needs to be a github.com/ after src/ and before opencontainers/
22:18:04@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangyI swear to god gopath issues was what made me not touch golang until 1.11
22:29:30@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangyI do get a different error than yours when building outside of gopath
22:29:39@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangydid you run go get -t -d ./... by the way?
22:33:23@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1uh no?
22:34:56@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangyprobably worthwhile
23:11:44@freenode_mrallen1:matrix.orgmrallen1 I moved the src and tried the go get -t -d ./... thing but I'm still getting the same undeclared name error
4 Apr 2020
00:52:02@freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangy interesting. I'm out of ideas, sorry :(
00:52:18* @freenode_sangy:matrix.orgsangy hates the "works for me" bugs with a passion
7 Apr 2020
12:22:00@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra[Vincent Batts, Open Container Initiative] @Amye Scavarda Perrin may need your help on the go-digest repo.
12:22:24@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra[Vincent Batts, Open Container Initiative] seems cra is too busy ;)
16:47:47@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra [caniszczyk, Open Container Initiative] what's the prob? sorry you can always text
16:51:23@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra[caniszczyk, Open Container Initiative] signal or message me the PR
16:59:37@freenode_cracra:matrix.orgcracra[Amye Scavarda Perrin, Open Container Initiative] /me is here now :)

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