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Matrix bridges for Minecraft. | Plugin (AS): #minecraft:dhdf.dev | Plugin (Bot): https://github.com/rrerrNet/Minetrix18 Servers

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4 Sep 2019
15:57:30@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellion * sorry Travis, I changed the plugin style link to point to the new Minetrix bridge :P
16:18:05@travis:t2l.ioTravisRsure, at some point I'm probably just going to spin out my bridge to its own room given the complexity of it
16:40:40@nilsding:rrerr.netJyrki joined the room.
16:41:34@nilsding:rrerr.netJyrkioh wow, what’s our (rrerrNet’s) silly little plug-in doing in the room topic there? :D
16:41:43@nilsding:rrerr.netJyrki hello everyone btw 👋
1 Oct 2019
09:13:32@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage changed their profile picture.
9 Oct 2019
11:25:39@bung:matrix.org@bung:matrix.org joined the room.
1 Oct 2019
09:25:26@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage changed their profile picture.
17 Oct 2019
00:31:45@bung:matrix.org@bung:matrix.org left the room.
18 Oct 2019
10:26:23@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their profile picture.
20 Oct 2019
21:07:48@Geezus42:matrix.orgGeezus42 joined the room.
16 Nov 2019
23:41:38@kotfelix:matrix.orgkotfelix joined the room.
22 Dec 2019
14:13:15@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage changed their profile picture.
25 Dec 2019
17:06:40@onestacked:onestacked.tk@onestacked:onestacked.tk joined the room.
17:09:52@onestacked:onestacked.tk@onestacked:onestacked.tk left the room.
27 Dec 2019
06:23:30@lub:imninja.net@lub:imninja.net changed their profile picture.
30 Dec 2019
19:48:28@lub:imninja.net@lub:imninja.net changed their profile picture.
19:58:22@lub:imninja.net@lub:imninja.net changed their profile picture.
3 Jan 2020
14:22:42@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their display name from benpa to [benpa].
6 Jan 2020
12:03:42@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their display name from [benpa] to benpa.
25 Jan 2020
08:41:30@ellietheoracle:matrix.org@ellietheoracle:matrix.org joined the room.
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1 Feb 2020
08:53:14@yuuki:yuukis.clubHousemaster joined the room.
19:21:35@nilsding:rrerr.netJyrki changed their display name from Jyrki to Jyrki (horse).
3 Feb 2020
08:32:04@nilsding:rrerr.netJyrki changed their display name from Jyrki (horse) to Jyrki.
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