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Matrix bridges for Minecraft. | Plugin style: https://github.com/rrerrNet/Minetrix | Protocol style: #minecraft-protocol-bridge:dodsorf.asĀ 14 Servers

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7 Feb 2020
18:34:44@Zedwick:matrix.orgZedwick set a profile picture.
9 Feb 2020
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10 Feb 2020
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14 Feb 2020
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00:32:01@tt2806:matrix.orgtt2806i saw this was like discord and i got locked out so i immediately signed up lol
07:19:18@lub:imninja.net@lub:imninja.net left the room.
11 Mar 2020
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12 Mar 2020
23:22:15@zeratax:dmnd.shZerataX joined the room.
13 Mar 2020

heyTravisR trying to set this up and did something like this:

# plugins/MatrixMinecraft/config.yml
  enabled: true
  port: 9765
  hsToken: "verysecureHStoken"
  asToken: verysecureAStoken
  userPrefix: "_minecraft_"
  domain: "dmnd.sh"
  hsUrl: "https://dmnd.sh"
# /var/lib/matrix-synapse/minecraft-registration.yaml
id: randomIDigeneratedMyself
hs_token: "verysecureHStoken"
as_token: verysecureAStoken
    - exclusive: true
      regex: '@_minecraft_.*:dmnd\.sh'
      group_id: '+minecraft:dmnd.sh'
    - exclusive: true
      regex: '#_minecraft_.*:dmnd\.sh'
  rooms: []
url: 'http://localhost:9765'
rate_limited: false
sender_localpart: _minecraft_bot

but i'm not even sure how this is supposed to work, do I join some room now?

19:15:35@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionThe plugin one is Jyrki not travis
19:16:09@nilsding:rrerr.netJyrkithe config does not look like anything my plugin had
19:16:36@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellion Oh yeah you're right
19:16:50@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellion It might be travis's old plugin
19:16:59@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellion Which I'm not sure ever actually worked
19:27:56@travis:t2l.ioTravisRnone of my Minecraft bridges worked particularly well
19:29:18@nilsding:rrerr.netJyrkimine did the job, but it just relayed messages from matrix to minecraft and vice-versa. no fancy appservice thingbits (though that would have been quite cool!)
19:31:15@zeratax:dmnd.shZerataXhmm yeah i kinda figured. but maybe i'll try to build on this or something. it would be pretty neat
19:31:29@zeratax:dmnd.shZerataX * hmm yeah i kinda figured. but maybe i'll try to build on this or something. it would be pretty neat
23:36:32@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionI might revive Minecraft protocol, but I found out i needed two completely different parsers for bukkit and vanilla Minecraft
23:38:15@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionSo when we switched to paper i had to rewrite the entire thing. And it was just kind of awful
23:38:59@dandellion:dodsorf.asDandellionIt also never really supported multiple rooms
21 Mar 2020
19:11:52@ingwiephoenix:ingwie.ioch1rp (Ingwie Phoenix) joined the room.
23 Mar 2020
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24 Mar 2020
09:43:06@ingwiephoenix:ingwie.ioch1rp (Ingwie Phoenix) changed their display name from Ingwie Phoenix to ch1rp (Ingwie Phoenix).
09:44:23@ingwiephoenix:ingwie.ioch1rp (Ingwie Phoenix) changed their profile picture.
29 Mar 2020
08:10:17@darkestvixen:matrix.orgDarkestVixen - Em/Emily (it/her) joined the room.
08:13:10@darkestvixen:matrix.orgDarkestVixen - Em/Emily (it/her)Heyo is there any good matrix-minecraft bridge that'd work with forge?
6 Apr 2020
03:30:55@_neb_github_=40travis=3at2l.io:matrix.orgGithub [@travis:t2l.io] [turt2live/matrix-minecraft] JuniorJPDJ opened issue #5: Is it maintained? [open] - https://github.com/turt2live/matrix-minecraft/issues/5
03:44:51@_neb_github_=40travis=3at2l.io:matrix.orgGithub [@travis:t2l.io] [turt2live/matrix-minecraft] turt2live closed issue #5: Is it maintained? [closed] - https://github.com/turt2live/matrix-minecraft/issues/5

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