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30 Jul 2021
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31 Jul 2021
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@netghost03:matrix.phcn.deNetGhost03Hello there. I've experienced a weird bug. Maybe someone knows a fix for this. I have a title screen which is a scene with a control node, some containers and buttons in it. I use grab_focus() on the first button so I can use the menu with keyboard and controller. Keyboard (arrow keys) works fine. However, its not working with the controller. If I use the defaults with ui_up / ui_down with dpads and use dpad_down it will go down for a second and then up again. It is like ui_up is pressed the whole time. I can't go down more then 1 entry because its instantly going up. However, if I remove the dpad from ui_up in the input settings, I can go down normally all entires. (just not up) Did anyone also had this issue?18:23:28
@netghost03:matrix.phcn.deNetGhost03Okay, this seems to be a bug in Godot. nvm :/18:37:07
@bengtsts:matrix.orgbengtsts NetGhost03: How'd you figure its a bug? Did you check the events being called when the UI selection goes back up? 19:09:09
@netghost03:matrix.phcn.deNetGhost03 bengtsts: Well I've checked the godot joypads demo and the up direction was also active all the time. And the other directions were also a bit buggy. However I also checked with some other gamepad tools and there were no issues. There is also a github issue where other ppl have the same issues. 19:11:45
@cute-leviathan:matrix.orgLeviathanAre you sure your gamepad isn't drifting? Tried calibrating that?19:12:25
@netghost03:matrix.phcn.deNetGhost03yep I'm sure. Its only buggy in godot. 19:12:48
@cute-leviathan:matrix.orgLeviathanWhat OS are you on?19:13:22
@bengtsts:matrix.orgbengtstsI have keyboard and joypad input working flawlessly. If you test input only from the gamepad's device ID. Does it show only the event of the pressed gamepad button?19:18:37
@netghost03:matrix.phcn.deNetGhost03Nope, it always shows two events. If I press up, it shows the right dpad active and then it stucks in the up beeing active. Up also stays active all the time after that. If I press down for example, down and left are active. But again, only in godot. If I use https://gamepad-tester.com/ or controlly (native macos app) they work fine19:48:24
@netghost03:matrix.phcn.deNetGhost03I guess its basically this issue https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/4472119:49:55
@bengtsts:matrix.orgbengtstsAh! Alas, I have no mac to test this on.19:57:43
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1 Aug 2021
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