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23 Jun 2022
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24 Jun 2022
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@kebabslob:matrix.orgkebabslobI love Godot!!!03:32:34
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In reply to @floppy-fist:matrix.org
If you prefer more ready to use content, I would recommend one of the market leading engines. Godot for fps development feels like developing everything from scratch, so if you are not eager to live the open source spirit...
Freedom Is Slavery and Ignorance Is Strength
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25 Jun 2022
In reply to @lead24:matrix.org
Freedom Is Slavery and Ignorance Is Strength
Discipline is freedom and love strengthens the beloved.
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@lertsenem:matrix.orglertsenem Don't forget to answer to the 2022 Godot Community poll. 06:17:38
@potatoxel:matrix.orgpotatoxelaaah google docs06:20:33
@potatoxel:matrix.orgpotatoxel * noh 3:06:20:36
@houkime:m.wfr.moehoukimenope, no google docs, sorry18:44:32
@houkime:m.wfr.moehoukimethere is at least lime survey for these purposes18:45:43
@houkime:m.wfr.moehoukimethere is also formpress or if one can host - ohmyform18:46:47
26 Jun 2022
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